President Christina Paxson and Provost Mark Schlissel shared a draft of the University’s strategic plan with the University community on Wednesday. Building on Distinction, an 11-page document available online, draws on work that took place over the last year, including reports from six committees of faculty, students, and staff; a signature academic initiatives process that involved more than 80 faculty members; and surveys that yielded thousands of responses and comments. The plan sets out a strategic vision that emphasizes integrative scholarship and educational leadership and enhances academic excellence, financial aid, and the campus environment. The Brown Corporation will discuss the plan during its weekend meeting Oct. 24-26. Paxson and Schlissel will solicit feedback from the campus community through standing meetings with students, faculty, and staff, via e-mail to [email protected], during an open forum at noon Tuesday, Sept. 24, in List 120, and at the Brown University Community Council scheduled for Oct. 2. Comments will inform the Corporation’s discussion.

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