Questions for Jim Head

From a satellite’s last moments: data on Mercury’s magnetic field

: Heroic efforts by NASA flight engineers let the MESSENGER spacecraft collect important data on Mercury during its orbital decay. The crustal magnetic field, which could be measured only at low altitudes, suggests that magnetism generated by the Mercury's core dates to the very early history of the planet.
A media guide to Commencement

Brown’s 247th Commencement set for May 24

Brown University’s 247th Commencement ceremony Sunday, May 24, 2015, on the College Green, caps the three-day Commencement/Reunion Weekend and officially concludes the University’s 250th anniversary celebration.
Dissertation: Corey Compton

Defeating drug resistance is all about the strategy

Scientists are locked in a perpetual race with deadly bacteria, struggling to come up with new drugs as bacteria evolve new defenses. Corey Compton has demonstrated that a strategy focused on how bacteria develop resistance can give drugs — new and old — a leg up.
Dissertation: Samantha Rosenthal

Research that helps prevent suffering, online and off

Samantha Rosenthal, who will receive her Ph.D. at the 247th Commencement, came to a career in public health research out of a desire to reduce suffering. In work as diverse as revealing connections between Facebook and depression and tracking global disease outbreaks, she has increased the understanding needed to keep people out of harm’s way.
Meeting of the Corporation

Brown Corporation elects 11 new trustees

At its May meeting, the Corporation of Brown University elected 11 new trustees and officially accepted more than $25 million in new gifts to the University. The Corporation’s Board of Fellows approved the awarding of more than 2,400 degrees at the 247th Commencement Sunday, May 24, 2015.

A statistical study of first-year college rape

A survey of more than 480 female freshmen students conducted in 2010 at a university in upstate New York found that 18.6 percent said they experienced at least one attempted or completed rape in the year after they started college. Results appear in the Journal of Adolescent Health.
Dissertation: Kaitlin Sidorsky

Women in politics: An expanded definition of political office

Kaitlin Sidorsky, who will receive her Ph.D. in political science, did the first national survey that included appointments to state boards and commissions as well as elected office. Many female respondents said appointed office lets them accomplish more without the overhead of fundraising, campaigning, and media presence.
The 247th Commencement

Brown honors commissioned graduates and graduating veterans

On Saturday afternoon following the Baccalaureate Service, the University honored three graduating seniors who were commissioned as officers in the armed forces, six military veterans who are among the 2015 graduates, and Brown alumni who were killed in action in Vietnam.

President accepts Sexual Assault Task Force recommendations

In a letter to all members of the Brown community today, President Christina Paxson announced that she is accepting the recommendations outlined by the Sexual Assault Task Force in the executive summary of its April 2015 report. Some recommendations have been implemented; planning for others is underway in the new Title IX program office.
Dissertation: Joshua Guilford

The New American Cinema

Joshua Guilford, who will receive a Ph.D. in modern culture and media, has written a dissertation on the “redemption of human interiority” in the work of a mid-20th century filmmaking subculture known as the New American Cinema.