Paul Cuffee School will receive $24,320 from the Fund for the Education of the Children of Providence to purchase interactive digital technologies for classrooms. The fund, inspired in part by the report of the University’s Steering Committee on Slavery and Justice, is an initiative improve education in the Providence public schools by committing to raise a $10-million permanent endowment managed by the Corporation of Brown University. 

The grant to Paul Cuffee School will be used to purchase document cameras and LCD projectors for each of its elementary school classrooms. The document cameras, when attached to laptops and LCD projectors, capture still and moving images and display them in real time. They can project images, objects, video, or text from any source, including books, student assignments, Web sites and PowerPoint presentations and three-dimensional objects. The technology was tested during a pilot program and teachers found it highly effective for facilitating learning of complex concepts like math and science, and for engaging children with communication, organizational, and language processing challenges.

The central goal of the Fund is to achieve significant, long-term, sustainable impact on the intellectual and social growth of Providence youth.  Additional information about the Fund and Brown’s outreach to Providence-area schools is available online at


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