The National College Advising Corps (NCAC) is about to get a boost at Brown and across the country. The national initiative, which works to increase college enrollment and graduation among low-income high school and community college students, has just been awarded $1.5 million in federal Social Innovation Fund support through the Pathways Fund of New Profit Inc. In the NCAC model, recent college graduates are recruited, trained, and placed in full time positions in public schools to work with low-income high school students who would be the first of their families to attend college to help them to navigate complex college selection and admissions processes and secure financial aid. Brown's program, based at the Swearer Center for Public Service, is one of five NCAC sites to receive funding through this award. Currently, 12 recent graduates of Brown and the University of Rhode Island work in urban public high schools across Rhode Island. An external evaluation has shown significant increases in college matriculations at Rhode Island schools partnering with the program.

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