<p>The University is reaching out to students, faculty, staff, and alumni who may be affected by the news from Japan.</p>

In the aftermath of the earthquake, aftershocks, and tsunami that have struck Japan, the University is checking on the safety of students and faculty who are abroad this semester and is reaching out to international students, faculty, and staff here on campus whose families may be affected.

The University expresses its sympathy and concern for all those affected by this tragic event and its aftermath.

Nine Brown students are scheduled to study in Japan this semester. University officials have been in touch with the three who are currently there, and learned that all are safe. Five others have not yet arrived in Japan, where their spring semester has not yet started. One student, who is spending a full year in Japan is currently on break in the United States.

One Brown professor in Kyoto has contacted the University and is safe.

On campus, the University is offering support to the 30 students who list a place of residence in Japan. These include 18 undergraduates, 10 graduate students and two medical students.

The Office of Alumni Relations is also reaching out to approximately 250 Brown alumni who live in Japan.

Members of the Brown community may contact the Office of International Affairs (401-863-9720 or international_affairs@brown.edu) on behalf of any member of the Brown community who might require support.

Students with concerns may contact the Office of Student Life (401-863-3145 or OSL@brown.edu). After hours, the OSL administrator on call is available through Public Safety at 401-863-3322.