<p>A gift from Evelyn Y. Davis and the Evelyn Y. Davis Foundation will support programs for Brown students interested in business careers.</p>

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — Evelyn Y. Davis and the Evelyn Y. Davis Foundation in Washington, D.C., have pledged a gift of $100,000 to Brown University. The gift will support activities and programs that encourage students to pursue careers in business.

“Mrs. Davis and her foundation have honored the Brown community by providing this additional support for students interested in business careers,” said Brown President Ruth J. Simmons. “We are grateful for her generosity.”

Davis, a nationally recognized advocate for corporate governance, publishes the influential corporate newsletter Highlights and Lowlights, which has covered corporate governance and Washington, D.C., issues since 1965. A shareholder of approximately 80 corporations in diverse industries, Davis has lectured on shareholder issues at a variety of universities and colleges. She has also appeared in national print, online and broadcast media as an expert on shareholder and corporate issues.

The Evelyn Y. Davis Foundation, founded in 1989, supports major universities, arts organizations, and hospitals. Plaques acknowledging her gift will be placed in Salomon Hall and the John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Library.