The Institute at Brown for Environment and Society presents a three-day conference titled "Atmospheres: Science, Art and the Air that Sustains Us," as part of the Earth, Itself series. The event will focus on atmospheric circulation and weather; air as habitat—insects and birds; air pollution and quality of air; and legislating, governing and controlling air. The program includes lectures, panel discussions, sound art, installations, and music, involving both visiting artists and Brown students. In conjunction with the conference, the John Carter Brown Library will present an exhibition on air and climate in the early modern world as part of its four-year series on The Four Elements. Presenters include Mwangi Githiru, an ornithologist and director of biodiversity and social monitoring at Wildlife Works; Michael J. Hathaway, author of Environmental Winds; Cymene Howe, a Rice University scholar who works on the politics of wind in the Yucatan; and many others. The conference begins at 5 p.m. in IBES, 85 Waterman St. For a complete program, visit: