Wed 24 May | The Washington Post

Why science denial isn’t necessarily ideological

An op-ed about the driving biological forces that are playing a role in the current state of political affairs—evidenced by the denial of climate science by many—cites a book co-authored by Brown cognitive scientist Steven Sloman.
Wed 24 May | MIT Technology Review

Meet the most nimble-fingered robot yet

Stefanie Tellex, an assistant professor at Brown University who specializes in robot learning, describes new research being done at the University of California, Berkeley, as “a big deal,” noting that it could accelerate laborious machine-learning approaches.
Wed 24 May | CSO Online

Should you study security in college?

Alan Usas of Brown University provides several reasons why studying cyber security while in college is worthwhile. The article is presented as a debate between two experts that are representative of the philosophical divide between academics and those in the workforce on the value of studying cyber security.
Wed 24 May | The Diplomat

One Belt, One Road: A convergence of civilizations?

Tamara Chin, associate professor of comparative literature, discusses the context and message behind Beijing’s “One Belt, One Road,” an initiative to revitalize the Silk Road trade route in an era of globalization.
Tue 23 May | Bloomberg

Flynn takes the Fifth as Russia probes continue (Audio)

Timothy Edgar, a fellow at the Watson Institute, discusses why former national security adviser Michael Flynn has decided to take the Fifth Amendment and is refusing to cooperate with the Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Russian interference in the U.S. election.
Tue 23 May | Scuttlebutt Sailing News

Stormy start to college women’s nationals

The Brown University women's sailing team is advancing to the Sperry Women’s National Championship Finals that begins Thursday. Brown head sailing coach John Mollicone commented on the strategy for the team's strong performance.
Tue 23 May | Engadget

We're not getting Luke Skywalker's prosthetics any time soon

Brown assistant professor David Borton is quoted on a 2015 development in neural interfaces and prosthetics. The article is about the technological advances in robotics and how science is still faraway from achieving the technological feat moviegoers saw in Star Wars—specifically, Luke Skywalker's prothetic robot hand.
Thu 18 May | The Providence Journal

Brown gets NCAA bid

The Brown University women’s crew has earned an at-large bid in the NCAA Rowing Championships set for Mercer Lake in West Windsor, N.J., on May 26-28.
Thu 18 May | Teen Vogue

Axe ad shows how 'toxic masculinity' impacts boys

Hygiene company Axe released a new ad that address "toxic masculinity," generally defined by the Good Men Project as the cultural ideal of manliness. The article includes a post from Bwell Health Promotion at Brown University that notes cultural expectations from men contribute to the rates of violence and sexual assault in society.
Tue 16 May | (Washington Post)

Six reasons your teen's life is more stressful than your own

As a father of four adolescents, John Nicholls writes about the reasons why teenagers' lives are more stressful than one might think. One reason, Nicholls explains, is because teens are not getting enough sleep and he cites a recent Brown University study that found circadian rhythms of teenagers to be two hours later than the average adult.
Tue 16 May | The New York Times

Babies from skin cells? Prospect is unsettling to some experts

A New York Times article about the scientific community's growing concern over in vitro gametogenesis—a reproductive process that coaxes skin cells to grow into eggs and sperm—cites a paper written by three prominent scientists, one of which is Brown's Eli Adashi.
Mon 15 May | Providence Business News

Five Questions With: Dr. Peter Hollmann

Peter Hollman of the Alpert Medical School discusses his new role in the Executive Master of Healthcare Leadership program and his goals for the program as part of Providence Business News' "Five Questions With" series.
Mon 15 May | EndocrineWeb

Estrogen therapy is underused in women in their 40s and 50s

Kristen A. Matteson, associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology, agreed with statements made by Dr. Bruce Carr, who explained at a May 3 meeting that women experiencing menopausal symptoms are underutilizing estrogen therapy and are suffering needlessly based on findings that have been proven to be flawed. "Women are suffering unnecessarily from the negative impact of hot-flushes on their day-to-day lives when many of them could safely and effectively be treated with hormone therapy,” Matteson told
Mon 15 May | ecoRI News

Carbon tax, power plant bills on docket this week

As the Rhode Island General Assembly votes on several environmental bills this week, J. Timmons Roberts, professor of environmental studies, commented on what a carbon tax would do for the economy and environment.
Sun 14 May | The Boston Globe

New allies for a new world

Stephen Kinzer, senior fellow at the Watson Institute, wrote an op-ed about the decline of Western dominance and the emerging influence of China, an outcome accelerated by the current political atmosphere.