Mon 29 Jul | Constitution Daily

In defense of the filibuster

Richard Arenberg, adjunct lecturer in public policy, blogs that the filibuster plays a vital role in the Senate as a counterbalance to House of Representatives, and it’s the recent behavior of senators that needs to change for the better.

Mon 29 Jul | Block Island Times

New faces at BIHS: Summer medical resident Neil Jackson

Each year, Block Island Health Services brings in third- and fourth-year medical students on rotation from Brown to assist staff at the island facility with the demands of a very busy season. This first of a series of profiles introduces Neil Jackson to the island community.

Mon 29 Jul | NBC News

Kids who were breastfed longer have higher IQs, new study shows

Sean Deoni, assistant professor of engineering, comments on new research that found that Young children who were breastfed as infants scored higher on intelligence tests than formula-fed kids, noting that the study results show that “exclusive breastfeeding is becoming more and more important.” 

Fri 26 Jul | Los Angeles Times

‘Falling into the Fire’ by Christine Montross

A review of a new book by Christine Montross, assistant professor of psychiatry and human behavior and codirector of the medical humanities and bioethics scholarly concentration at the Alpert Medical School, which chornicles some of the more severe cases she's worked on. 

Fri 26 Jul | RI NPR

Brown Trustee Implicated in SEC Charges

University officials are not saying whether they will keep Steven Cohen as a member of the Brown Corporation, after the company he founded, SAC Capital Advisors, was charged with widespread insider trading.

Thu 25 Jul | The New York Times

Roberts’s Picks Reshaping Secret Surveillance Court

Timothy Edgar, visiting fellow at Brown University's Watson Institute for International Studies, comments on the increasing importance of courts in American life as more surveillance programs come under its review. “If the court is seen as skewed or biased, politically or ideologically, it will lose credibility,” said Edgar.

Wed 24 Jul | Forbes

America's Top Colleges 2013

Brown University was ranked the No. 12 best college in the U.S., according to Forbe's annual America's Top Colleges listing. The 2013 rankings placed Princeton, Yale, and Harvard in No. 3, 4 and 8, respectively.

Wed 24 Jul | The Providence Journal

R.I. health sciences task force begins strategic planning

A group of Rhode Island's academic, economic and labor leaders met Wednesday morning to begin crafting a way for the state to capitalize on its various health sciences organizations. The meeting included a discussion about the nursing education program to be housed in a redeveloped South Street Power Station.

Wed 24 Jul | Discovery News

Red Planet, White Christmas: It Once Snowed on Mars

First it was fresh toboggan tracks on Mars, now it’s evidence that it snowed there, albeit a billion years ago. A new study, led by geology graduate student Kat Scanlon of Brown University, supports the idea that water came down as snow and then melted and ran off to create the branching valley networks that remain visible on Mars today.

Wed 24 Jul | The Washington Post

A visionary’s final ideas on fixing high schools

When Theodore Sizer died of colon cancer at 77 in 2009, critics say the nation lost a leading scholar on high schools and one of the best education writers ever. The former Brown University professor's recently-published book, “The New American High School,” explains his final ideas on fixing high schools.

Tue 23 Jul | Inside Higher Ed

The Stakes for All of Us

Matthew Pratt Guterl, professor of Africana studies and American studies at Brown University, pens an op-ed on the threats humanities face and the value it provides for students.

Tue 23 Jul | The Providence Journal

A major new plan for South Street Power Station

The plan to develop the South Street Power Station into college classrooms and academic offices along the Providence River must resolve little-discussed utility and environmental issues before the proposal for the former industrial sites can move forward.

Tue 23 Jul | GoLocalProv

NEW: Brown Named Top 10 Healthiest College in US

Brown University was named the #6 healthiest college in the U.S. according to, a health and fitness media startup that promotes a healthier, happier, and better lifestyle for its readers.

Tue 23 Jul | ABC6

URI scientists probing starfish deaths

University of Rhode Island scientists are working with colleagues from Brown University and Roger Williams University to identify the disease that is killing starfish along the Atlantic coast, URI officials announced Tuesday.

Tue 23 Jul | International Business Times

Snow On Mars? New Evidence Suggests Ancient Precipitation

Researchers have discovered evidence that suggests the existence of ancient snow and precipitation on Mars. According to the study, led by researchers from Brown University, some Martian valley networks may have been created by runoff from rain or snow.

Tue 23 Jul | Fox News

Incredible tech: How to find life on Mars

Jack Mustard, a professor at Brown University and chairman of the 2020 rover mission's Science Definition Team, comments on the search for life on Mars. "To go and look for simple organisms, or not-so-simple organisms, that are living within that toxic, harsh environment we just think is a foolish investment of the technology at this time," Mustard said.

Mon 22 Jul | GoLocalProv

Rhode Island Autism Experts Launch Consortium

Numerous experts from Brown University have joined to form the Rhode Island Consortium for Autism Research and Treatment (RI-CART). Eric Morrow,  assistant professor at Brown University and co-director of the RI-CART research committee, comments on the difficulty of building a multidisciplinary consortium and its importance in tackling problems such as autism.

Mon 22 Jul | RI-NPR

Bryant University; A War Between Town and Gown

Rhode Island politicians are increasingly looking to non-profit institutions to finance local government. The latest tug-of-war between town and gown is in Smithfield, where the town thinks Bryant University is not paying its fair share. For the past few years, in Providence, Brown and Johnson & Wales University have collectively paid millions of dollars in fees to city government.

Sun 21 Jul | The Providence Journal

A dynamic Dynamo

After many years and much hesitation, it seems as if the old South Street Station power plant, in Providence, may get a new life as Dynamo House following last month's announcement by Brown University, the University of Rhode Island and Rhode Island College.