Wed 17 Jul |

Zimmerman + Racial Profiling in Rhode Island

Brown student Nicole Haslinger pens a "Mindsetter" column on steps local community groups have taken to combat racial profiling in Rhode Island, including proposed legislation. The article also cites racial profiling community forums that have been held locally, including one at Brown this past spring. 

Wed 17 Jul | Bloomberg Businessweek

Harvard Summer Program Recommendations Come at $10,000 Price

James Miller, dean of admission, comments on how summer college programs shouldn't be seen as an advantage to getting into a particular school. “These programs are not a back door to the university, nor should they be...It’s something that not a lot of people can afford, so we don’t want to advantage those who have the opportunity.”

Wed 17 Jul | The Washington Post

The day after the Senate didn’t go nuclear

In an opinion piece on the Senate's decision not to exercise the "nuclear option," Matt Miller refers to adjunct lecturer Richard Arenberg's book "Defending the Filibuster" as "an invaluable resource for those looking to indulge their secret filibuster fetish." 

Wed 17 Jul | MedPage Today

Statin Study: No Impact on Cognition

A meta-analysis that included more than 40,000 patients found no indication that treatment with statins negatively impacted cognition, according to research by Brian Ott, professor of medicine, which was reported at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference.

Tue 16 Jul | U.S. News & World Report

Signs of Potential Trouble for Nursing Home Residents

Nursing home residents with advanced mental decline who undergo numerous hospitalizations for infections, dehydration or certain other health problems are at a higher risk of death, a new study led by Joan Teno, professor of health services, policy and practice, finds.

Mon 15 Jul | The Providence Journal

Kerry needs support for Mideast peace efforts

Stephen Robert, former Brown University chancellor, pens an op-ed about the tepid response given to Secretary of State John Kerry's call for help in bringing peace to Israel and Palestine. Robert calls on American Jews to publicly embrace Kerry's plan for a two-state solution. 

Mon 15 Jul | Providence Business News

‘Eyesore’ pitched as job catalyst

Brown University and Commonwealth Ventures LLC are receiving rave reviews for their bid to redevelop Providence’s empty South Street Power Station, with members of the local development community  saying that the plan should kick-start activity on other fallow properties in the neighborhood.

Mon 15 Jul | Providence Business News

Brown launches public-health school

The new Brown University School of Public Health, officially launched on July 1, gives the university’s program in public health a new level of independence and the opportunity to better compete for federal funding. 

Mon 15 Jul | The Huffington Post

New 'Cry Analyzer' Provides Clues To Babies' Health

New research out of Brown and Women & Infants Hospital offers the tantalizing possibility that an innovative tool could decipher what an infant's cries mean and assess if he or she is at risk for developmental problems.

Mon 15 Jul | The Wall Street Journal

Sen. Reid sticks with filibuster threat

 Jerry Seib and Richard Arenberg, Brown University lecturer, join The News Hub to discuss the Senate Majority Leader's to strip the power of Republicans to filibuster certain confirmations if Democrats don't get votes on seven nominees. 

Mon 15 Jul | WBUR

After Zimmerman Verdict, Reflecting On Race And Justice

Tricia Rose, director of the Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America, discusses the Zimmerman trial verdict and what it means to African-American communities across the nation and around this city. Rose also appeared on the Tavis Smiley show for a similar conversation. Video to be posted later today. 

Mon 15 Jul | CNBC

Senate’s "Nuclear Option" Could Cause a Market Meltdown

Wendy Schiller comments on how the Senate's "nuclear option" on filibusters may impact the market, noting that Main Street, not Wall Street, should be worried: Because Wall Street is such a massive supporter of the GOP, "the Republican party simply won't allow the economy to go over the cliff," even if that means compromising with Democrats.

Mon 15 Jul | The New York Times

A Surf Camp With an Emphasis on Safety

Surf Survival Camp, a Costa Rica-based surf camp led by Andrew Nathanson, a surfer and clinical associate professor of emergency medicine, covers how to treat the common cuts, bruises and bites associated with hanging 10.

Sat 13 Jul | The New York Times

No Six-Figure Pay, but Making a Difference

A story on nonprofit Venture for America, which is currently wrapping up its second five-week summer training camp at Brown. Similar stories also appeared in the Providence Journal and Providence Business News. 

Thu 11 Jul | The Globe and Mail

Canadian-led team delves deep into genetic code of autistic individuals

Eric Morrow, assistant professor of biology, comments on a new study out of Canada that combed through the whole genomes of autistic individuals and their families. “Whole-genome sequencing is really the direction where we anticipate the field going, not just for research but clinically in the upcoming years,” said Morrow. 

Thu 11 Jul | The Washington Post

Save the filibuster, Harry Reid

Richard Arenberg, adjunct lecturer in public policy and political science, pens an op-ed in anticipation of a Senate showdown over the filibuster, in which he urges Republicans and Democrats not to exercise the procedure's "nuclear option" in upcoming debates. 

Thu 11 Jul | Providence Business News

Brown taps Pendse as VP, chief information officer

Ravi Pendse, currently vice president for information technology and chief information officer at Wichita State University, has been named Brown University’s vice president for computing and information services and chief information officer.

Wed 10 Jul | The Weather Channel

Which Country is the Fattest?

Brown research on Samoan babies' high birth weight is cited and linked to in this article on the countries with the highest obesity rates. 

Tue 9 Jul | USA Today

NASA's next Mars mission would sniff out 'biosignatures'

The Mars 2020 Science Definition Team report released Tuesday sets out the goals for NASA's next planned rover, set to arrive in the next decade on Mars. "We are looking where life could have once been on Mars," said report chairman and professor of geological sciences Jack Mustard. The report was covered by several outlets, including CBS News and Reuters. 

Tue 9 Jul |

How bad is that health 'mistake'?

In this list of 10 potentially worrisome everyday habits, Rena Wing, professor of psychiatry and human behavior, comments on the practice of weighing yourself daily, noting that it can be a smart way to keep tabs on whether you've been gaining over time.

Mon 8 Jul | Providence Business News

Five Questions With: Dr. Jack Elias

Newly appointed Dean of Medicine and Biological Sciences Jack Elias talks about his new role and vision for the future of the Alpert Medical School. 

Mon 8 Jul | RI NPR

Brown Researchers Find Genetic Clue for Autism

Brown University researchers say they have discovered a possible genetic variation that can lead to autism and an intellectual disability. What’s more, the discovery may explain why one sibling can be affected while another isn’t.

Mon 8 Jul | The Wall Street Journal

Secret Court's Redefinition of 'Relevant' Empowered Vast NSA Data-Gathering

Timothy Edgar, visiting fellow in international studies at the Watson Institute, comments on a 2006 secret court ruling that allowed bulk phone records to be collected under the Patriot Act, saying that many lawmakers saw the change as a step forward, as it allowed for more oversight to the program.