Wed 4 Sep | The Providence Journal

Evidence confirms global warming

Frank Levin, emeritus professor of physics, co-authors with nine other scientists and engineers an op-ed on why anthropogenic (human-generated) CO2-caused global warming is a reality. 

Wed 4 Sep | The Providence Phoenix

Mission to Mars

Jack Mustard, professor of geological sciences, answers questions about his Mars research. 

Wed 4 Sep | Time

The Hottest Seats in Class

Wendy Schiller, associate professor of political science, makes this unofficial list of teaching stars, as voted by students. According to the article, "Schiller’s 25 years of political experience make her an indispensable resource for Brown’s political science and public policy majors."

Wed 4 Sep | The Providence Journal

Brown gets $11 million from NIH for brain research

Brown University will use an $11 million NIH grant for research that aims to better explain the brain and attention and related disorders. The five-year grant will support the creation of a new Center for Central Nervous System Function. 

Wed 4 Sep | The New York Times

Governor Chafee of Rhode Island Won’t Run Again

Wendy Schiller, associate professor of political science, comments on Gov. Chafee's decision to not seek re-election: “He’s not a natural-born political fighter and was faced with a battle he was very likely to lose.” Schiller also did interviews with the Providence Journal, WGBH, WJAR, Associated Press and WPRO. 

Tue 3 Sep | Associated Press

Brown to welcome students at convocation

Brown University is set to welcome incoming students and formally start the new school year at the annual convocation on Tuesday afternoon. The Ivy League school is welcoming 1,537 freshmen, 639 graduate students, 120 medical students, and 70 transfer students.

Tue 3 Sep | The Providence Journal

EDC announces $800,000 in climate-change grants

Rhode Island's economic development agency says about $800,000 in grants is available for projects that study the effects of climate change on marine life. Proposals will be given preference if they use the research facilities in proteomics, genomics and sequencing at Brown University and the University of Rhode Island, or in marine life sciences at URI's Bay Campus.

Tue 3 Sep | Psychology Today

Does Online Dating Promote Unhealthy Relationships?

A blog poist on why online dating can be potentially unhealthy cites research by Rose McDermott, professor of political science, which found that deception has become common in the new fad of internet dating sweeping the nation. McDermott's study a majority of online daters conceal their political preference or ideology. 

Mon 2 Sep | Providence Business News

Stakes high for R.I. in race to replace statins

Barbara Roberts, associate clinical professor of medicine, comments on the push to replace statins, a race that has created much competition between RI-based Amgen and biotech manufacturers around the country. 

Mon 2 Sep | Providence Business News

Five Questions With: Maureen Phipps

Maureen Phipps, the newly appointed chair of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and assistant dean for Teaching and Research on Women’s Health at the Alpert Medical School, talks about her vision for the future of women’s health in Rhode Island.

Mon 2 Sep | Providence Business News

Students seek real-world experience

Andrew Simmons, director of the Center for Careers and Life After Brown, comments on how Brown helps liberal arts students prepare for the job market. 

Mon 2 Sep | The New Yorker

The Colonel's Daughter

A piece by Robert Coover, visiting professor emeritus of literary arts, is the featured work of fiction in the magazine's issue this week. The New Yorker website also features a Q&A with the writer. 

Mon 2 Sep | The New York Times

Standard-Bearer in Evolution Fight

Ken Miller, professor of biology, comments on scientist Eugenie C. Scott's leadership of the National Center for Science Education, which fights againsts the teaching of creationism in schools. Miller says that ss its director, Dr. Scott has mobilized “scientists, educators, lay people, religious groups, skeptics, agnostics, believers, scholars and ordinary citizens” to advance the cause of science.

Sun 1 Sep | The Providence Journal

R.I.’s unique handle on state health crises

Robert Klein, the Sylvia Kay Hassenfeld professor and chair of pediatrics at the Alpert Medical School, pens an op-ed with Michael Fine, director of the Rhode Island Department of Health, on the state's handling of health crises following the July 2013 shigellosis outbreak.

Fri 30 Aug | The Providence Journal

Online survey: 60 percent believe King’s vision realized

More than 60 percent of Providence Journal’s readers taking an online survey think Martin Luther King Jr.’s 50-year-old dream of racial equality has been achieved, results that are at odds with other recent polls and studies. Marion Orr, director of the Taubman Center, cautions that the poll is not scientific, because results to do represent a random sampling. 

Fri 30 Aug | WPRI

Scientists work to pinpoint babies' cries

A team of researchers from Brown University and Women & Infants Hospital developed a new computer-based tool that analyzes babies’ cries which can hold important information about their health. Video included in the story. 

Thu 29 Aug | The Providence Journal

Providence police increasing enforcement near Brown campus, Thayer Street

The Police Department has beefed up enforcement near the Brown University campus and Thayer Street after a series of assaults, robberies and violent incidents last spring. Deputy Police Chief Thomas F. Oates III said that The Thayer Street District Management Authority has hired two plainclothes Providence police officers to patrol the East Side neighborhood on weekend nights. 

Thu 29 Aug | PhysOrg

Ribosome research takes shape

Hasan Demirci, investigator in molecular biology, cell biology, and biochemistry, is working on growing ribosome crystals at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory at Stanford. Demirci hopes his work at SLAC will supply new insights into the timing and chronology of ribosomes at work.

Wed 28 Aug |

Against the melting pot

Glenn Loury, professor of economics, posts two new episodes of his The Glenn Show. In the first he talks with 

Ryan P. Haygood of the NAACP about several race-related issues. He also talks with John McWhorter about John's Wall Street Journal column on the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington.
Wed 28 Aug | USA Today

New criteria increase number of men with depression

Peter Kramer, clinical professor of psychiatry and human behavior, comments on a new study that finds that depression may be far more common in men than previously estimated. Kramer cautions that the notion of gender differences in depression symptoms is still a new idea. 

Tue 27 Aug | Yahoo!

9 Ways to Make a Relationship Work

This list of ways to make a relationship work cites Brown research that found that if your close friends split up, you are very likely to do so as well. Likewise, if your coworker, friend, or sibling parts ways with their partner, you have a 33 percent chance of following suit.