Calendar year 2017 on the Brown University campus came with these 21 noteworthy and well-read stories along with countless others.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — For students, faculty and staff at Brown, calendar year 2017 brought a wealth of opportunities for advancing the University’s strategic priorities, expanding the physical campus and reflecting on moments past.

With the completion of the Engineering Research Center on College Hill and South Street Landing in the Jewelry District, the University strengthened its academic mission by growing its physical space. The launch of the Brown Promise — which will replace loans with scholarship funds in University-awarded financial aid packages — and sustained campus-wide work around issues of diversity and equity continued to build on efforts to make a Brown education more accessible and inclusive. The University celebrated important milestones in the context of the current moment, including the 125th anniversary of women’s enrollment at Brown and the 40th anniversary of the Brown Center for Students of Color.

Throughout the year, students and faculty continued to do what they do best. They researched, they collaborated, they learned and they contributed to the world’s betterment. Among many other accomplishments, Brown researchers invented life-saving overdose kits, planned Mars landing sites for NASA and traced the causes of political polarization. Brown students prepared to send a satellite into space and earned more Fulbright awards than students at any other university in the nation.

All told, there were countless powerful stories that emerged this year. As the year comes to a close, here in chronological order are 21 of the most noteworthy and well-read stories.

Brown researchers pitch landing sites for NASA’s Mars 2020 mission

A group of Brown planetary scientists will travel to California this week to make the case for spots they think would be ideal for NASA’s next Mars rover. Read more >>

Brown plans new, cutting-edge performing arts center

Brown Corporation authorizes architect selection process, a critical step in the University’s vision to create a hub for arts performance, practice and scholarship. Read more >>

Brown produces most Fulbright winners in the U.S.

Thirty Brown students and recent graduates received the prestigious U.S. State Department grant to teach or research abroad during the 2016-17 year. Read more >>

Political polarization? Don’t blame the web, Brown study says

Using demographic information and survey data, researchers found that political polarization is not rising fastest among those Americans who rely most on internet and social media for news. Read more >>

In first diversity and inclusion report, Brown cites early progress and work ahead

In the first year following the launch of its diversity and inclusion action plan, the University made strides on faculty and student diversity and focused on building a foundation for long-term success.Read More >>

David Cameron urges a return to British and American values

The former British Prime Minister encouraged those in the United States and United Kingdom to uphold their similar democratic values, think clearly about pressing global challenges and consider careers in public service. Read More >>

Countdown: NASA launch date for student space project nears

n 2018, NASA will launch into orbit a small satellite designed and built by a team of Brown undergraduates over the past six years. Read More >>

For observant Jews at Brown, eruv extension makes for more accessible campus

The Providence Eruv — a symbolic perimeter that enables those who observe traditional Jewish law to carry items on the Sabbath — now extends to the Brown and RISD campuses. Read More >>

$24 million gift will fund Wilson Hall renovation, renaming to Friedman Hall

With support from the Richard A. and Susan P. Friedman Family Foundation, the University will launch a comprehensive renovation to create new classrooms, add social spaces and make the building fully accessible. Read More >>

125 Years of Women at Brown: Fond memories, wise words

Nine women who attended this weekend’s 125 Years conference share their thoughts on this historic occasion. Read More >>

With advice from Daveed Diggs, Class of 2017 celebrates the Baccalaureate

The annual Commencement tradition for graduating seniors was marked by faith, gratitude and words of wisdom from Diggs, the award-winning performer and Brown alumnus. Read More >>

Study reveals first recording of cuttlefish fighting over a mate in the wild

The whole arsenal of cuttlefish coloration, postures and aggression played out during a chance observation now described in a study in the American Naturalist. Read More >>

What’s past is prologue: BCSC at 40

At the conclusion of the Brown Center for Students of Color’s 40th anniversary year, members of the Brown community reflect on pivotal historical moments for students of color on campus. Read More >>

In Washington Post forum, Paxson asserts the importance of freedom of expression

Amid the nationwide debate over free speech on campus, Brown President Christina Paxson and University of Chicago President Robert Zimmer defend the role that academic freedom plays in advancing knowledge. Read More >>

NaloxBoxes put lifesaving overdose drugs within ready reachs

Like fire extinguishers or defibrillators, the NaloxBoxes created by a pair of professors at Brown and RISD can make it easy for a bystander to save lives quickly. Read More >>

Scientists spy new evidence of water in the Moon’s interior

Using satellite data, Brown researchers have for the first time detected widespread water within ancient explosive volcanic deposits on the Moon, suggesting that its interior contains substantial amounts of indigenous water.Read More >>

Brown to receive up to $19M to engineer next-generation brain-computer interface

The project aims to develop a wireless neural prosthetic system made up of thousands of implantable microdevices that could deepen understanding of the brain and lead to new medical therapies. Read More >>

Brown welcomes displaced University of Puerto Rico students, faculty

In addition to formal efforts organized through the Leadership Alliance to bring scholars to campus, members of the Brown community are raising funds, housing visiting students and offering direct assistance to those affected by Hurricane Maria. Read More >>

An academic and economic powerhouse — Brown moves into South Street Landing

After years of private-public partnership to transform the long-vacant former South Street Power Station into a mixed-used development, Brown’s relocation of 400 staff members brings new vibrancy to its Jewelry District campus.Read More >>

Let the move-in begin: Engineering Research Center opens its doors

With high-tech spaces for 15 faculty research groups and more than 100 research associates and graduate students, the building is designed to encourage the kind of interdisciplinary research for which Brown is known.Read More >>

Brown to eliminate loans from University undergraduate aid packages in 2018-19

Having achieved an initial fundraising milestone, the University will replace loans with scholarship funds in financial aid awards, building on need-blind admissions and other initiatives to make a Brown education more accessible.Read More >>