A special report published Nov. 20 in the New England Journal of Medicine describes a major U.S.-Rwanda partnership for medical education. The partnership, known as the Human Resources for Health Program, includes Alpert Medical School professors Dr. Michael Koster, Dr. Adam Levine, and Dr. Brian Montague. As part of the $150-million, 25-school effort organized by the Clinton Health Access Initiative and the Rwandan Ministry of Health, the Brown faculty members are helping to advance medical teaching, research, and curriculum development at the National University of Rwanda. Referring to the physicans’ practice groups and hospital affiliations as well as their Brown affiliation, HRH program director Tej Nuthulagati said, “UMF, UEMF, Rhode Island Hospital, and Brown Medical School are playing an essential role in the program by providing immense support in increasing the quality of medical education in Rwanda.” Levine said medical training provides benefits that donating materials, equipment, and medicine alone cannot: “One of the wonderful things about knowledge and training is that they are inherently renewable resources. Unlike drugs and equipment, knowledge never has a stock-out, never breaks down, and never stops working when the power goes out. In my experience, improving medical provider training also has the effect of improving other components of the healthcare system, since trained doctors and nurses feel empowered to demand the medications, equipment, and efficient systems that they know they need in order to save patients’ lives.”

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