The Summer@Brown program had its largest registration ever this past weekend, with more than 1,200 students from around the country and the world coming to campus to take part in pre-college and credit courses for college students. In total, 7,200 students from 67 countries have enrolled in both Summer@Brown courses and twelve different Brown sports camps this summer. Five hundred of those students are taking courses online. Summer students choose from 227 courses in a range of disciplines and can enroll in sessions lasting from one to seven weeks. Most students stay on campus for two weeks, living in the residence halls during their time on campus. Additionally, Summer@Brown offers a special science program for middle school students ages 11 and 12. Last week, Summer@Brown hosted its annual college fair, which brought representatives from more than 100 colleges, universities and conservatories to campus. More than 1,600 summer students and members of the local community took part in this event. 

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