It started with a simple e-mail request from staff member Holly Wilker: Could the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior use this photo of a stained-glass window bearing Brown’s coat of arms — and by the way, where exactly is it? It looked familiar, but we couldn’t find it in the usual places (Sayles, Manning, Hope College, Robinson, Rhode Island Hall, Slater ...) We crowd-sourced the question in the weekly News from Brown newsletter and on the University’s Facebook page and trudged across campus following up on lots of good suggestions. The answer? Alert Facebook friend Miriam Joelson ’11 nailed it: The window isn’t at Brown. It’s in the reading room of the University of Michigan’s William W. Cook Legal Research Library, one of what seems to be hundreds of university coats of arms and seals from Australia to China, Europe, and across the United States — all mounted for online browsing.

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