Stephen Porder, assistant professor of biology, has been named one of 20 environmental researchers nationwide to a competitive Leopold Leadership Fellowship at Stanford University. The program offers intensive training in becoming an effective voice for translating environmental knowledge into effective action. Porder, who recently published a study on the ramifications of phosphorous use in global agriculture, said he hopes to improve the public’s understanding: “Global environmental change is perhaps the greatest challenge to human well-being of the 21st century. While there are many fascinating scientific questions surrounding this topic, successful mitigation of this pressing challenge depends on the public understanding its nature and extent. Sadly, such understanding is lacking - in part because scientists have been loathe to leave the ivory tower and engage in more public discussions of the challenges we face. The Aldo Leopold Fellowship affords me an opportunity to learn the skills I need to bring my understanding of global change to a wider audience and to brainstorm about science communication with a cohort of researchers who, like me, hope to facilitate the exchange of ideas between the public and the scientific community.”Read more