Project Z: The Final Global Event, a collaborative film project by the Watson Institute for International Studies Global Media Project, will make its debut at DOK Leipzig, the 55th International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film, on Nov. 1, 2012. Project Z is a documentary film by James Der Derian, professor of international studies, and Phillip Gara, a New York based filmmaker and Brown graduate who works as a producer for the Global Media Project. According to the film’s website, Project Z, as in zombie, begins in the Mojave Desert and ends on Wall Street, tracking from the end of the Cold War to the wake of the Arab Spring the emergence of a military-industrial-media-entertainment network. “Project Z reveals how this unholy alliance creates and amplifies the crises it seeks to anticipate and prevent through war games, computer models, complex financial systems, and networked technology. Combining rare footage from inside the war machine with corrosive commentary by leading critics of global violence and inequality, the film challenges the living to reclaim the past from the undead and to write their own future before the final global event.”

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