Several Brown undergraduates are contributing to a major new exhibition in the works for the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. Opening in 2014, “American Enterprise” will explore the history of business and innovation, focusing on the American marketplace and the dynamic interplay of consumers and producers. Last semester, the 150 students enrolled in Susan Smulyan’s course, “American Advertising: History and Consequences,” were enlisted to co-curate the Marketing Moments section of the exhibition. As part of their final exam, the students chose eight to 10 images that represented the history of advertising from the Smithsonian’s collections and pulled them together in an exhibit form. Eight of them were featured on the “American Enterprise” website, which was launched to open the research and exhibition process to the public. “The assignment brought us many benefits, but perhaps most importantly allowed the students to understand their learning as part of a public and important dialogue,” said Smulyan, professor of American studies.

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