Laurent Brossay, associate professor of medical science, who has served as interim chair of the Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology since 2009, now has full ownership of the job. Brossay’s laboratory studies the molecular mechanisms controlling the development and activation of innate lymphocytes with a critical role in early immune responses. In his announcement of the appointment, Edward Wing, dean of medicine and biological sciences, commended Brossay’s teaching: “His work as a mentor to undergraduate and graduate students is highly commendable and speaks to his commitment to education.” Brossay said he hopes to bring new researchers to join the faculty, which currently has eight members. “The vision of the department is to promote research excellence, to strengthen the current expertise in immunology and microbiology, and to develop local, national and international collaborations. The department looks forward to recruiting promising new faculty members at Brown University and helping them to build their careers and perform scientific research at the highest levels.”