<p>The Metcalf building has been renovated to serve as the home of the department of Cognitive Linguistic and Psychological Sciences. Some of the facts and figures describing the construction project follow here.</p>

Building features

The new Metcalf Building contains a variety of rooms to facilitate teaching, research, and academic interaction:

  • Five classrooms including an auditorium that can seat 210;
  • 12 conference rooms and informal interaction spaces;
  • 32 labs (clustered around similar academic interests);
  • 64 faculty and administrative offices (randomly arranged by academic interest);
  • A library.

Basic building facts

  • 74,187 square feet on four floors
  • Architect: Leers Weinzapfel Associates (Boston)
  • Lead contractor: Dimeo Construction Company (Providence)
  • Built as a chemistry research lab in 1923
  • Renovation work began May 2010

Economic and construction facts

The Metcalf renovation project represented a substantial investment, often in locally sourced materials:

  • Total cost: $42,250,000;
  • 85 full-time-equivalent construction jobs created;
  • 75 tons of steel and other metals (steel fabricated in Rhode Island);
  • 570 cubic yards of concrete (purchased in Rhode Island);
  • 250,000 linear feet of metal studs;
  • 8,400 sheets of drywall;
  • 750 gallons of paint (purchased in Rhode Island).

Environmental Sustainability

The University incorporated energy-saving and environmentally friendly features into the construction project, including:

  • Low-flow fixtures resulting in a 30-percent reduction in overall water usage;
  • High-efficiency equipment resulting in a energy saving 27 percent better than the local energy code requirement;
  • new insulted glass, low-E glazed, operable double hung wood windows;
  • 2,470 tons of construction and demolition debris diverted from the Rhode Island landfill (approximately 93 percent of project waste was diverted);
  • High-efficient florescent lamps and LED lamps with advanced lighting control;
  • Application pending for LEED silver or better.