Brown’s carbon reduction initiative has been awarded the Excellence in Campus award from the International Sustainable Campus Network. It’s the third year the ISCN has given the award, which was announced at its conference Thursday, June 9, 2011, in Gothenburg, Sweden. In January 2008, President Ruth J. Simmons announced an aggressive plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from existing buildings to 42 percent below 2007 levels by 2020. In fiscal 2010, the latest reporting year, carbon emissions stood at 21 percent below 2007 levels, halfway to the overall goal. “Brown University has shown an impressive pace in implementing their comprehensive program involving all relevant stakeholders on campus,” the ISCN said. Christopher Powell, director of sustainable energy and environmental initiatives at Brown, said the organization also was impressed by the University’s commitment to sustainability in building design and construction. “This plan has demonstrated its excellence through achieving both LEED Silver minimum requirements and a high performance design requirement of at least 25 percent better than energy codes required for new construction.”

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