At its May 28, 2011, business meeting, the Corporation of Brown University
approved the appointment of 16 faculty members to named chairs, effective July 1, 2011.

Those faculty and the chairs they will occupy:

Richard Bennett: the Manning Assistant Professor of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology;
Christopher Born: the Intrepid Heroes Professor in Orthopaedic Surgery;
Mark Cladis: the Brooke Russell Astor Professor of the Humanities;
Mark Dean: the Stephen Robert Assistant Professor of Economics;
Erika Edwards: the Richard and Edna Solomon Assistant Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology;
Brian Evenson: the Royce Family Professor in Teaching Excellence and Professor of Literary Arts;
Pradeep Guduru: the James R. Rice Associate Professor of Engineering;
Meredith Hastings: the Joukowsky Family Assistant Professor of Geological Sciences;
Nancy Khalek: the William A. Dyer Jr. Assistant Professor of the Humanities;
Eric Renault: the C.V. Starr Professor of Economics;
Timmons Roberts: the Ittleson Professor of Environmental Studies;
John Savage: the An Wang Professor of Computer Science;
Derek Stein: the Manning Assistant Professor of Physics;
Ashutosh Varshney: the Sol Goldman Charitable Trust Professor of International Studies and the Social Sciences;
Matthew Zimmt: the Royce Family Professor in Teaching Excellence and Professor of Chemistry;
Brian Zink: the Frances Weeden Gibson-Edward A. Iannuccilli, M.D., Professor in Emergency Medicine.