<p>Brown University’s Athletics Review Committee has released a report that recommends a package of steps including a reduction in the number of varsity teams, significant investment in athletic facilities, more competitive salaries for coaches and staff, and a better alignment of schedules to avoid conflicts between academic and athletic programs among student-athletes. That report and a summary of campus discussion in coming weeks will be submitted to President Ruth J. Simmons in advance of the Corporation’s next meeting.</p>

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — An Athletic Review Committee, charged by Brown University President Ruth J. Simmons with reviewing Brown’s athletic program and developing a clear vision and plan for varsity athletics, has released its report, including a package of recommendations aimed at strengthening and balancing the varsity program and ensuring it is aligned with the academic mission of the University.

Seeking to provide better, more sustainable support for varsity teams, the committee has proposed a package of suggested recommendations that includes investments and reductions. The committee has recommended:

  • increasing the overall athletics budget;
  • providing more competitive salaries for coaches and staff;
  • improving and developing athletic facilities;
  • reducing the total number of varsity teams from 37 to 34;
  • reducing the number of recruited student-athletes;
  • strengthening the University’s ability to match competing financial aid offers of peer institutions; and
  • better aligning schedules to avoid conflicts between academic and athletic programs among student-athletes.

The report is being released to the Brown community today prior to a series of campus meetings and forums planned in the coming weeks to solicit discussion and feedback on the report and its recommendations. Those recommendations and a summary of issues raised during the campus forums will be submitted to Simmons prior to the Corporation’s regular May meeting.

Additional information and a copy of the report are available online at www.brown.edu/web/athletics-review