If you took the train to New York’s Pennsylvania Station and then hopped a flight to the Kansai International Airport in Osaka, Japan, you’d see Larry Kirkland’s public art in both locales. Starting this summer you’ll only have to travel to the Jewelry District: University and Warren Alpert Medical School administrators have chosen him to design the public art for the new medical education building under construction at 222 Richmond St. The two-part installation will comprise a 30-foot by 9-foot mural of tile and gold leaf featuring medical iconography such as a DNA molecule, and two facing marble chairs symbolizing the doctor-patient relationship. Alpert Medical School Dean Ed Wing said the design by Kirkland, who has also installed works at the American Red Cross headquarters and the National Academies of Science, catches the eye and inspires the mind: “I think it is very engaging. It draws people in because the iconography is very interesting.”

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