<p>Brown University has partnered with the University of Edinburgh and the Chinese University of Hong Kong to establish a new opportunity for students interested in international study. The “Brown Plus One” international program, which begins this year, allows Brown students to spend one or two semesters at a partnering university during their junior year. After earning a bachelor’s degree at Brown, students devote a fifth year to earning a Master of Arts degree at the partner university.</p>

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — Brown University announces the creation of “Brown Plus One,” a program leading to a bachelor’s degree from Brown and a master’s degree from an international university partner. The University is joining with the University of Edinburgh and the Chinese University of Hong Kong to launch this effort in 2011. Under the new program, Brown students spend one or two semesters of study at one of the partnering institutions abroad while completing their baccalaureate degree at Brown and then devote an additional year of study abroad to earning a Master of Arts degree from the partner institution.

Brown students will declare their interest in the program during their fourth semester at Brown. Students accepted into the program will spend all or part of their junior year studying in Edinburgh or Hong Kong. In addition to the courses they take when studying abroad, students will complete an independent study project designed with a Brown faculty member and related to their area of concentration. Their course loads will include at least one graduate-level course that, upon completion of the Brown undergraduate degree, will be accepted by the partner university in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a master’s degree.

“In an increasingly global marketplace, undergraduates need to develop their capacity to live and work abroad more than ever before,” said Katherine Bergeron, dean of the College at Brown. “Brown Plus One will allow Brown students to intensify their relationships with international faculty, to develop their expertise in a discipline, and to expand their global networks.”

Students will be able to choose from several master’s programs, with distinct options offered by the two partner schools. The programs include studies in visual art, architecture, literature, film and media studies, music, history, classics, archaeology, anthropology, religious studies, international law, finance, and others.

Applications are available for students in the Class of 2013. Information sessions will be held at noon every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the Office of International Programs conference room beginning Wednesday, Feb. 2. Additional information and sample programs are available at www.brown.edu/Administration/OIP/.