<p>Sen. Edward M. Kennedy died Tuesday evening Aug. 25, 2009, after battling brain cancer.</p>

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — Faculty members at Brown University are available for comment on the legacy of Sen. Edward Kennedy and on research and treatment for the brain cancer he was fighting.


Wendy Schiller
Associate Professor of Political Science and Public Policy
Schiller’s research focuses on representation in the U.S. Congress, specifically the Senate, in both the modern era and the 19th century. She has published work on senators’ agenda setting, approval ratings, and the extent to which senators from the same state cooperate or compete with each other.
Contact: Sarah Kidwell: (401) 863-2752

Peter Quesenberry, M.D.
Professor of Oncology/Medicine
Quesenberry is head of hematology and oncology at Lifespan hospitals in Rhode Island. He has treated glioma patients and conducted research on brain cancer. [Background]
Contact: Mark Hollmer: (401) 863-1862 or Sarah Kidwell: (401) 863-2752

John Donaghue, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Donaghue has broad experience with gliomas.
Contact: Mark Hollmer: (401) 863-1862