<p>Brown University and Draper Laboratory have signed a memorandum of understanding to create a center for research and development of energy-related technologies. (<a href="/pressreleases/2009/06/draper">Return to news release</a>)</p>

The memorandum of understanding between Brown University and Draper Laboratory entails the following:

  • The parties plan to conduct at least two joint research projects per year focused on developing new technologies to meet emerging customer needs as defined through various funding opportunities.
  • Draper expects to work with Brown with the eventual goal of spinning out technologies (either license or start-up company).
  • Support of at least one Draper Lab fellow each year at Brown. Draper fellows will be graduate students who will be supported by Draper Laboratories and co-advised by Brown faculty and Draper staff.
  • To facilitate project performance, it is anticipated that there will be a regular exchange of staff - Brown faculty to Draper and Draper engineers to Brown.
  • The parties will together seek local, state, federal, and corporate funding for the center to accelerate initial research, the hiring of selected staff to support the center, and the development of new energy-related education programs.
  • The partnership will establish a board of advisers, with representatives from each party and other outside experts to help with strategic direction.

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