Subscription Management

Subscription Management

Featured Events is a weekly digest of University events of interest to the general public.


A typical issue may offer a dozen events which will take place during a two-week window. Each item will have a headline and summary paragraph and often a link to a Web site for further information.

The editor selects events that are:

  • open to the public without charge or at a nominal fee;
  • of likely interest to an educated but not highly specialized audience;
  • held in a University venue that will accommodate an audience of at least 150.


Featured Events is posted to the Web and sent by e-mail every Monday when classes are in session. It is not published during summer or during winter break.


Your e-mail address will be used only to distribute Featured Events. It will not be shared with third parties or with other University offices.

Each issue of Featured Events includes an unsubscribe button. You may discontinue your subscription at any time.

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