Fri 27 Feb | The Providence Journal

Raimondo seeks to ‘reinvent Medicaid’

Governor Raimondo on Thursday created a 28-member “Working Group to Reinvent Medicaid,’’ with an initial April 30 deadline to make recommendations. The group will be co-chaired by Ira Wilson, the chairman of the Department of Health Services, Policy & Practice.
Fri 27 Feb | Middle East Eye

IS barbarity and execution movies

Nicola Perugini, the Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Italian Studies and Middle East Studies at Brown, co-authors a piece that argues that the sanitized mass murder seen in American Sniper and video drone strikes are in a continuum with the Islamic State’s YouTube execution videos.
Thu 26 Feb | The Providence Journal

State health director resigns

Michael Fine, assistant professor of family medicine, has resigned from his position as director of the state Department of Health effective March 27. He was in the final year of his five-year employment contract as director.
Thu 26 Feb | RI NPR

Brown To Host Conference For First-Gen Students

First-generation college students will gather at a conference hosted by student group 1vyG this weekend at Brown University. This conference is the first of its kind, bringing administrators and students from all the Ivy League schools together.
Thu 26 Feb | Fox News

Playboy has Terry Richardson shoot entire issue despite past assault claims

Hilary Levey Friedman, visiting assistant professor of American studies, comments on Playboy's choice to have controversial photographer Terry Richardson shoot a recent special issue. Friedman said part of Richardson’s appeal is that he generates his own publicity, which in turn helps generate buzz and sell magazines.
Thu 26 Feb | The Hill

Slowing down on the fast track

Richard Arenberg writes about Obama's State of the Union declaration to negotiate stronger trade deals to protect American workers, and whether those deals will be able to be "fast-tracked" through Congress.
Wed 25 Feb | Associated Press

Study: Wars have cost R.I. more than $70 million

Brown University researchers say the Afghanistan and Iraq wars have cost Rhode Island more than $70 million to date, and will cost millions more. Two new papers produced as part of Brown’s Costs of War project were released Tuesday. Researchers Brian Smith and Luke Lattanzi-Silveus examined Rhode Island and Texas to highlight the forms of local funding for returning veterans.
Wed 25 Feb | Inside Higher Ed

Piecing Together Publishing

University Librarian Harriette Hemmasi and Dean of the Faculty Kevin McLaughlin comment on the recent Mellon grant Brown was awarded to increase its digital publishing of the humanities. Brown will use the grant to hire editorial and technical staff to support digital publications and develop guidelines that departments can use to evaluate digital scholarship in tenure and promotion cases.
Wed 25 Feb | Asbury Park Press

Kids' lead poisoning called 'institutional racism'

Peter Simon, clinical associate professor of pediatrics and epidemiology, comments on the continuing problem of lead poisoning in children, saying he can't think of any human malady that's worse than childhood lead poisoning in terms of "the way these kids are systemically discriminated against."
Wed 25 Feb | The Boston Globe

Putin’s push into Ukraine is rational

Watson fellow Stephen Kinzer writes about the reason's behind Putin's push into Ukraine and cautions that "Before the United States sends weapons or military advisers to Ukraine, we should stop to consider how we would react if Russia did that in Mexico or Canada."
Wed 25 Feb | Capitol TV

Joint Black History Month Celebration

Annenberg Institute Director Warren Simmons keynoted the RI General Assembly's 6th Annual Joint Legislative Black History Month celebration in the Senate Chambers of the RI State House. Sponsored by the RI Black and Latino Caucus, the event’s theme was “Love, Healing and Restoration.”
Tue 24 Feb | The Providence Journal

Brian Smith: R.I. spends $74 million-plus on wars

A new set of under-recognized costs such as job training bring the true cost of war to something much higher than the $4.4 billion initially reported, according to a new analysis from the Costs of War Project based at Brown University’s Watson Institute for International Studies.
Tue 24 Feb | The Boston Globe

Ceramics in the spotlight, in Providence and beyond

The National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts biennial, an international juried show staged at the David Winton Bell Gallery, is at the center of an arts conference where ceramics projects are popping up all over the region.
Tue 24 Feb | The Providence Journal

Fraternity criticizes Brown's actions in alleged date-rape drug case

The Brown University fraternity implicated in the alleged drugging last October of two female students at a party on Monday criticized what it describes as the “troubling inadequacies” and “lack of transparency” in the administration's treatment of the case in an open letter to the Brown community.
Mon 23 Feb | Providence Business News

Five Questions With: Linda Resnik

Linda Resnik, associate professor of health services, policy and practice as well as director of the new Center on Health Services Training and Research at Brown, talks about a grant the Center recently received.
Mon 23 Feb | Providence Business News

W&I fellow honored for antibiotic breakthrough

Dr. Lindsay Maggio, a fellow in the Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine at the Warren Alpert Medical School, has earned a national award for her research on obese women and antibiotic doses administered during caesarean delivery.
Mon 23 Feb | The Chronicle of Higher Educatiin

Why Just Filling the Pipeline Won't Diversify STEM Fields

An article on diversity in STEM includes the story of Chloe N. Poston, who earned her PhD in chemistry from Brown in 2012 and chose to divert from her original plan to become a chemistry professor after finding that the academic environment didn't match her expectations.
Mon 23 Feb | The Providence Journal

Baseball stadium would alter plans for I-195 land

The new owners of the Pawtucket Red Sox baseball team are eyeing land owned by National Grid and Brown University in downtown Providence for a new stadium. In a statement, Russell C. Carey, executive vice president for planning and policy, applauded the new owners' desire to keep the baseball team in Rhode Island.
Sat 21 Feb | Bloomberg

Brown Shortens Ban on Fraternity Accused of Rogue Parties

Brown University announced this weekend that it reduced its penalty against a fraternity accused of plying women with liquor and date-rape drugs, saying a laboratory test was inconclusive, while criticizing what it called the group’s substantial history of misconduct.
Fri 20 Feb | The Washington Post

The progressive ideas behind the lack of free speech on campus

An op-ed on the lack of free speech on college campuses cites the criticism of a recent scheduled debate between two feminists about rape culture at Brown and an email sent by President Christina Paxson that emphasized her belief in the existence of rape culture and invited students to an alternative lecture, to be given at the same time as the debate.
Thu 19 Feb | The Providence Journal

Sherine Hamdy: Does America have Muslim problem?

Sherine Hamdy, assistant professor of social science and anthropology, writes about the shooting deaths of three Muslim students in Chapel Hill, N.C., and the "double standard applied to people of color who are killed at the hands of white men."
Thu 19 Feb | The Providence Journal

Free race symposium this weekend at Gordon School, Brown

The Gordon School in East Providence and Brown University will host a symposium this weekend called "Unpacking Race: An Essential Conversation in Schools and in Homes." The event will bring together academics, historians, filmmakers and authors as well as parents and K-12 educators from throughout the region.