Brown in the News

The New York Times: Spared Winter Freeze, Florida’s Mangroves Are Marching North | Tue 30 Dec

Much of the Florida shoreline was once too cold for the tropical trees called mangroves, but the plants are now spreading northward at a rapid clip, according to new research led by postdoctoral researcher Kyle C. Cavanaugh. That finding is the latest indication that global warming, though still in its early stages, is already leading to ecological changes so large they can be seen from space.         

Nature World News: High Mortality Rates in US Have Shifted to Tobacco-Friendly Southern States | Sat 27 Dec

Although adult mortality rates are lower in the US than they are in other developed countries, the geographic location of where people die most frequently in the US has shifted over time and is now concentrated in the central southern part of the nation, according to a new study by Andrew Fenelon, postdoctoral fellow in population studies, that suggests smoking may have a role in the mortality shift.

RI NPR: Brown Welcomes New Greenhouse For Plant Research | Fri 26 Dec

The New Year is set to usher in a new era of plant research at Brown University with a new greenhouse atop the renovated Building for Environmental Research and Teaching (BERT). Mark Johnson, associate biology professor and faculty director of the greenhouse, talks about the new facility. 13 Who Made a Difference in RI in 2013 | Fri 26 Dec

Brown President Christina Paxson makes the list, which cites her handling of the Ray Kelly incident and student opposition to coal investment as ways that she "emerged the stronger from her first tests as President, and will not doubt continue to play a critical role in the University -- and city's future."

RI NPR: Brown Researcher Invents Diabetes Drug Delivery Method | Fri 26 Dec

Edith Mathiowitz, professor of medical science, has been inducted into the National Academy of Inventors in recognition of her work inventing better ways to deliver drugs into the human body, including an innovation that may help diabetics.

NPR: How To Build An Indestructible Gingerbread House | Tue 23 Dec

Erica Kahn, an undergraduate at the Brown University School of Engineering who helps put on the school's yearly Extreme Gingerbread Competition, weighs in on how to make a stronger gingerbread house. 

Business Standard: Browned off | Tue 23 Dec

An argument broke out on between former ambassador K.C. Singh and , head of the India programme at Brown University, after Singh accused former foreign secretary and ambassador to the US Nirupama Rao of going to Brown University after an endowment from the Government of India created a position there. Varshney responded by saying Singh was "spreading lies."

BBC: Ancient plants 'frozen in time' by space impacts | Thu 17 Apr

Peter Schultz, professor of geological sciences, presented new findings of ancient plant material that has been preserved in the glass formed by asteroids hitting the Earth, at at last month's Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (LPSC) in The Woodlands, Texas. His paper, which he co-authored, points out that while space collisions can destroy life on local or global scales, "it can also preserve components of the local biology present at the time of impact."

Health Day: Leeches Help Save Woman's Ear After Pit Bull Mauling | Wed 16 Apr

Stephen Sullivan and Helena Taylor, both assistant professors of surgery, write about their experience of using leeches to aid in the reattachment of a teenage girl's ear after a pitbull attack in the April 17 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.

ABC6: Providence Mayoral Forum | Wed 16 Apr

At a Wednesday night forum for Providence mayoral candidates hosted by the Providence Community Library and League of Women Voters, candidate Chris Young said "I am the only candidate that will tax Brown University.  I am the only candidate that will improve schools, these plans these other candidates are bringing forward will not come about."

Providence Business News: Five Questions With: Fahim Saddiqui | Wed 16 Apr

Fahim Saddiqui, executive vice president of product and operations for New York technology firm Intralinks Holdings Inc. and an alumnus of the IE Brown Executive MBA program, talks about his experience in the program and how it helped him gain a broader perspective of global business.

Deseret News: Study: Fathers as likely as mothers to kill their infants | Tue 15 Apr

As Utahns struggle to understand what would drive a woman there to allegedly kill six of her newborn babies, an analysis by Timothy Mariano of the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior of filicide cases finds that the killing of offspring by parents "is a tragic and complex event with manifold influences that are only partially understood." 

The Providence Journal: Brown creates cross-disciplinary institute on environment, society | Mon 14 Apr

Brown University has is creating the Institute for the Study of Environment and Society. The university announced Monday that its governing board had voted last week to approve creating the institute to address the intersection of science and social sciences. It will open at the start of the next academic year, bringing together teaching and research.

Yahoo! Health: Combating HIV by ZIP Code—Neighborhood by Neighborhood | Mon 14 Apr

In a commentary published in the May edition of the American Journal of Public Health, Amy Nunn, assistant professor of public health calls for engaging neighborhood stakeholders to create culture-specific solutions to combating HIV. Overcoming the disease’s stigma, which can be even more pervasive in minority communities, and getting people tested and treated is job number one, she said.

Financial Times: Guest Post: India’s elections still uncertain? | Mon 14 Apr

Ashutosh Varshney, professor of political science, writes about India's upcoming elections and whether opinion polls are accurate in their prediction that the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), headed by Narendra Modi, will form the next government in India.

Indian Express: Hearing the silence | Mon 14 Apr

Ashutosh Varshney also writes about the upcoming elections in India and the rising popularity of the National Democratic Alliance's candidate Narendra Modi in this op-ed.