News director, University spokesman

Brian E. Clark

Director of News and Editorial Development
O. 401-863-1638
C. 401-323-7849
• Strategic editorial development
• Breaking news
• General University news
• Legal affairs, location agreements
• Editing of news releases and features
• Web editing
Physical and Computational Sciences

Kevin Stacey

Senior Writer for the Physical Sciences
Twitter: @BrownPhysSci
O. 401-863-3766
C. 401-447-3800

• School of Engineering
• Planetary geology, geological science
• Chemistry and physics
• Environmental science: energy, climate
• Mathematics and applied mathematics
• Computer science
• Science Underground

Life Sciences
Mollie Rappe

Mollie Rappe

Writer for the Life Sciences
Twitter: @BrownLifeSci
O. 401-863-1862

• Alpert Medical School
• School of Public Health
• Carney Institute for Brain Science
• Biological sciences
• Environmental science: ecology
• Affiliated hospitals

Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Content Management
Jill Kimball

Jill Kimball

Writer for the Humanities and Social Sciences
O. 401-863-5450

• General media inquiries
• Today @ Brown curator
• Featured Events editor
• Visual arts, galleries and museums
• Music, theater, performing arts
• Political science, economics, sociology
• Education, Annenberg Institute
• Taubman Center
• Watson Institute