As the immigrant community defends itself from the negative portrayals often painted of them at political rallies, a new photo exhibit by Brown neurologist Peter Snyder features intimate portraits of diverse populations that Rhode Islanders may know well. "Ethnos," a photo gallery that celebrates the various origins of Rhode Island's immigrant population, contains photos of children, parents and seniors as they live out their days in Belize, Ecuador and India. Making up nearly 14 percent of Rhode Island's population, immigrants and undocumented people in the Ocean State collectively contribute about $2.6 billion per year to the economy and have provided livelihoods for other residents in the state as founders of nearly 900 unique businesses, according to a report by the Migration Policy Institute. Dr. Snyder, whose academic research has led to more than 135 published articles, is currently the vice president and chief research officer for the Lifespan Health System. He has practiced photography, ceramics, sculpture and other artistic mediums for nearly three decades. The exhibition will be on display through November 6 in the Warren Alpert Medical School, 222 Richmond St. Exhibition hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, visit: