Five films that highlight the best works in recent Brazilian cinema will be screened as part of the Brazil Initiative's annual film festival CineBrasil. Touching on topics as varied as race and gender to hairstyling culture to indigenous history, some of the festival's featured films include "Vazante," a film set in 19th century Brazil that exposes the cruel slave conditions of that era; "Jonas E O Circo De Lona," a coming of age documentary of a boy who is determined to keep a circus running after he family left the trade; and "Arábia," a film that recounts the tribulations of an unemployed factory worker in a story with universal appeal. Presented with English subtitles, all screenings will be held between Friday, Sep. 22, and Sunday, Sep. 24, in the List Art Building, Room 120, 64 College St. For specific showtimes, please visit: