The current crisis of climate change and the associated threat of ice melt and sea level rise has drawn a legion of international artists to Greenland, the Arctic and the Antarctic. 33° presents the work of six artists who have documented the extreme poles’ beauty and destruction: Danish sound artist Jacob Kirkegaard (Germany) and photographers Olaf Otto Becker (Germany), Camille Seaman (U.S.), James Balog (U.S.), Jean de Pomereu (France) and Iain Brownlie Roy (Scotland, U.K.). Kirkegaard’s 40-minute soundspace “Isfald” (Icefall) will be on view alongside photographs of glaciers and the Greenland ice sheet by Becker and Seaman. Photo murals by Becker, Seaman, Balog, de Pomereu and Roy will be displayed on the facades of buildings across Brown’s campus. David Winton Bell Gallery, 64 College Street.