Wed 29 Mar | Thrive Global

The robots are coming for men

Computer scientist Michael Littman comments on what makes some tasks suitable for robots to take over in a feature about automation. Littman notes that when tasks are fluid and context-sensitive, like social interactions for example, humans are going to perform much better than robots.
Wed 29 Mar | Scientific American

Ringo is a Beatle, Hawaii is a state—Why Isn’t Pluto a planet?

Carle Pieters, planetary scientist at Brown University, describes her amazement of the Pluto imagery gained from a flyby as scientists quibble over the dwarf planet's status. Pieters noted that revelations from the icy-world Ceres is adding to the debate about what constitutes a planet.
Wed 29 Mar | International Business Times

Mysterious moon volcano Ina is billions of years older than previous thought

An enigmatic volcanic caldera on the Moon, known as Ina, is said to have formed within the past 100 million years of lunar history – an extremely young age for volcanism on the Moon. However, a new Brown University led study has contested this view, revealing that it may not be that young after all.
Wed 29 Mar | Vanity Fair

Trump mania made Fox News more popular than ever

A 2011 study on media viewership by Matthew Gentzkow and Jesse Shapiro, who is now at Brown University, is cited in an article about Fox News having the highest ratings for the first quarter of 2017, according to Nielsen data released Tuesday.
Tue 28 Mar | NACLA

Corruption and controversy in Brazil

James Green, director of the Brazil initiative, co-authored an article about corruption and controversy in Brazil that is exacerbating polarization within the Latin American country.
Mon 27 Mar | Providence Business News

State awards $280K in Innovation Vouchers to 6 R.I. companies

Six Rhode Island companies were collectively awarded $280,000 in vouchers aimed at spurring research and development projects, the Governor's office announced. One of the companies, BluSource Energy Inc., will partner with Brown University for the development of a technology to harness tidal energy.
Mon 27 Mar | The Providence Journal

20 scholarships awarded to undocumented R.I. students

Twenty Tam Tran scholarships, named for an undocumented Brown University graduate who died in 2010, were presented to 17 Rhode Island high school seniors and three students from Rhode Island College and the Community College of Rhode Island.
Sun 26 Mar | Providence Business News

R.I. Foundation awards $25K grants to visual artists

RaMell Ross, a postdoctoral research associate in visual art at Brown and one of the Brown Arts Initiative's first professors of the practice, is one of three artists to be awarded a $25,000 grant, according to a Sunday announcement by the Rhode Island Foundation.
Sun 26 Mar | The Chronicle of Higher Education

Smuggling my way into academe

Peter Andreas, professor of international relations, gives insights into the reasons why he chose to study border policing, a topic he says he subconsciously feared might make him professionally suspect. Andreas is the author of new book that addresses his upbringing and academic career.
Sun 26 Mar | The Herald Scotland

America in the shadow of Russia

Brown political scientist Jeff Colgan said it would take more than Russia's collusion with Trump campaign staff in order to provoke a widespread crisis of legitimacy.
Fri 24 Mar | National Geographic

How fake news tricks your brain

Steve Sloman, professor of cognitive science, comments on the psychology that makes people susceptible to believing 'fake news." Sloman recently authored a paper with Brown undergraduate Nathaniel Rabb that tested the community of knowledge hypothesis.
Fri 24 Mar | The Washington Post

‘They’re afraid to come': University leaders worry about Trump policies

Officials from prestigious universities expressed concern about President Trump's tightening of immigration policies and its longterm impact after some have seen a significant drop in international applicants. “I totally agree that we need to vet people, we need to be careful. It makes sense to take a close look at people applying to come to the U.S.,” said Terrie Fox Wetle, dean of public health at Brown University. “But when you begin to send a message that you don’t welcome good people … it has a chilling effect.”
Fri 24 Mar | The Conversation

Trump legislative agenda now in serious doubt

Richard Arenberg, adjunct lecturer in international and public affairs, discusses the GOP's recent failure to pass the American Health Care Act and how it could impact a planned tax cut.
Thu 23 Mar | The Providence Journal

Joanna Brown: My R.I. patients rely on Obamacare

The solution to health care in America is not to repeal, radically revise or make cuts to the Affordable Care Act, according to Dr. Joanna Brown, clinical assistant professor at the Alpert Medical School. Brown describes how her patients have benefited from Obamacare and what might happen when people lose their health insurance.
Thu 23 Mar | San Diego Union-Tribune

Is today's political engagement a fad or the new reality?

Scott Warren, a fellow of public policy at Brown University, wrote about the recent waves of political engagement across the U.S. and whether it could be sustained just as Los Angeles' local elections experienced the lowest voter turnout in history.
Wed 22 Mar | Inside Higher Ed

Speech rate

Brown researcher Uriel Cohen Priva discusses whether fast and slow talkers convey information at the same rate in Inside Higher Ed's Academic Minute.