Wed 25 Jan | The Providence Journal

URI celebrates its 125-year vision

Brown University President Christina Paxson joined other university presidents in congratulating the University of Rhode Island on its 125th anniversary.
Tue 24 Jan | Marketplace

The case for Trump being a Marxist

Mark Blyth, professor of political economy, discusses Marxism, industrial policy under the Trump administration and whether it'll boost the economy.
Tue 24 Jan | KPFA

The birth of American empire

Stephen A Kinzer, senior fellow in international and public affairs, discusses the history of the United States as an imperial power.
Tue 24 Jan | Yahoo Finance

Why Trump could lower MPG standards

Brown environmentalist Timmons Roberts gives a blurb on what the Environmental Protection Agency may do for the auto industry under a new administration.
Mon 23 Jan | Politico Magazine

The science of Trump's inaugural address

Brown cognitive scientist Julie Sedivy discusses the science behind political speeches, and how Trump's inaugural address could be interpreted by political scientists as a sign for things to come.
Mon 23 Jan | The Providence Journal

Ex-trapeze artist ready for next act

Kaely Michels-Gualtieri, who performed around the world for Ringling Bros. as "Electra," hopes to become a doctor. But she hopes to continue performing as a trapeze artist during break from her undergraduate study at Brown University.
Sun 22 Jan | The Boston Globe

How Boston fought the empire

Stephen Kinzer, senior fellow at the Watson Institute, examines the century old debate over American intervention.
Thu 19 Jan | The Boston Review

The President’s house is empty

Bonnie Honig, professor media studies and political science, wrote an op-ed about the hidden costs associated with Donald Trump's plan for his family to live in New York.
Tue 17 Jan | Health News Review

Conflicts of interest in medicine

For an article about the prevalence of conflicts of interests in the medical field, writer Michael Joyce tapped Brown internist Roy Poses to "set the stage" for a larger discussion on the topic.
Tue 17 Jan | Network World

7 really cool network and IT research projects

A round up of innovative research projects at top colleges mentions that Brown researchers took part in a Columbia University led project that resulted in a program that shuffles software code, making it difficult for hackers to exploit bugs in systems.
Thu 12 Jan | The Providence Journal

Democrats risk misreading the election

Daniel Hirschman, assistant professor of sociology, co-authored an op-ed about the inherit risks of magnifying narrow losses as seen from the recent election. Most importantly, the authors warn the misinterpretation of facts in the Democratic party could mislead them into scaling back their pursuit of Democratic ideals.
Wed 11 Jan | The Providence Journal

Providence VA leads national study of veterans' amputation needs

A national team led by Linda Resnik, a Brown University professor and research scientist at the Providence VA Medical Center, is leading a national study of the needs of veterans with traumatic upper-limb amputations -- the most common of which is loss below the elbow, typically suffered in combat.