Fri 10 Mar | The Providence Journal

Brain research one of R.I.’s strengths

Diane Lipscombe, director of the Brown Institute for Brain Science, co-wrote an article celebrating the complexity of the human brain and noted Rhode Island's commitment to brain research ahead of Brain Week Rhode Island.
Thu 9 Mar | WBUR

In 'True Flag,' Kinzer pinpoints forgotten moment to explore debate over American imperialism

A review of Stephen Kinzer's book titled "The True Flag: Theodore Roosevelt, Mark Twain, and the Birth of American Empire," praised the author for his insights into America's historical struggle over imperialism. Blake Maddux of WBUR wrote, "As Kinzer makes clear, the United States might have been less likely to repeat its mistakes abroad if its leaders learned the lessons of the Spanish-American War."
Thu 9 Mar | RI NPR

Solitary confinement on display at new Providence exhibit

An exhibition at Brown University's Center for Public Humanities aims to shed light on what solitary confinement is really like. The exhibition is mostly a large plywood box that resembles the real size of these spaces, which organizers say disproportionately affect gay, lesbian and transgender inmates and usually have a negative impact on prisoners' mental health
Thu 9 Mar | Christian Science Monitor

Tomato pickers win higher pay

Andrew Schrank, professor of public affairs and sociology, comments on the impact of strikes in labor relations after farmworkers in Florida successfully improved their working conditions.
Tue 7 Mar | The Boston Globe

Siri, find me a boyfriend

Michael Littman, professor of computer science, comments on the potential pitfalls of relying on artificial intelligence to serve as a matchmaker as proposed by Tinder CEO Sean Rad. “If an automated system observes, perhaps correctly, that people with different political backgrounds tend not to get along, it might never try to match such people together,” Littman said, adding that such a developments could reinforce existing biases.
Tue 7 Mar | Turn to 10

Health Check: Research into diabetes complication

Richard Clements, an assistant professor at Brown, comments on preliminary research he is involved in that is looking at the vascular system in diabetics, and what, Clements says, could serve as a future treatment for one of the complications associated with diabetes.
Tue 7 Mar | The Providence Journal

Noted professor to address conference March 12

Law professor and award-winning author Elyn Saks will deliver the keynote address at Brown University for the March 12 opening of the second annual Brain Week Rhode Island, which celebrates neuroscience research and promotes awareness and understanding of mental health.
Tue 7 Mar | Turnto10

Health Check: Biomedical meniscus

Dr. Brett Owens, a researcher from Brown University, commented on ongoing research that is looking into how stem cells might be used to repair one of the most common knee injuries.
Tue 7 Mar | Reuters Health

U.S. doctors not sure all women need pelvic exams

Dr. Maureen Phipps, a women’s health researcher at Brown University, commented on new recommendations from a government-backed panel that didn't find enough evidence to so say whether healthy women need routine pelvic exams.
Mon 6 Mar | RI NPR

Governor Raimondo announces ambitious clean energy goals

Timmons Roberts, professor of environmental studies, commented on R.I. Gov. Gina Raimondo's ambitious plan to drastically increase the amount of clean energy in the state by 2020. In order to meet the governor's goal, Roberts said, various large entities will need to think differently on how they'll meet their energy needs.
Sat 4 Mar | RI NPR

300+ health care providers gather for transgender health conference

Medical professionals and community members attended a conference revolving around transgender health on Saturday, March 4, convened by Brown University, Rhode Island College, and nonprofit advocacy group the TGI Network. The conference comes at a time of heated rhetoric about transgender issues.
Sat 4 Mar | VOA

Harvesting power from slow-flowing rivers

Researchers from Brown University have teamed up with a company from Rhode Island to build an innovative power generator suitable for slow-flowing rivers and tidal canals, which could provide yet another way to harvest energy from sustainable sources.
Fri 3 Mar | Air & Space Magazine

A vision for planetary acience in 2050

Planetary scientist James Head was among one of the more inspiring speakers at a NASA hosted workshop that focused on the future of solar system exploration, Dirk Schulze Makuch wrote. Head spoke about building infrastructures that would allow for future science expeditions.
Fri 3 Mar | The New York Times

Why we believe obvious untruths

Brown cognitive scientist Steven Sloman co-wrote an article about how people come to conclusions, arguing that advances in science have resulted from sharing knowledge. This rational also extends to people taking stands for public policies that may be harmful, the authors wrote.
Thu 2 Mar | The Providence Journal

Brown launches Arts Initiative

A major step toward realizing a goal in Brown University's 2013 strategic plan comes this week with the launch of the Brown Arts Initiative.
Thu 2 Mar | The Providence Journal

Brown University’s Italian film fest steps back in time

While sitting at a café table outside the Piazza Maggiore in Bologna with a friend, Italian studies professor Massimo Riva was dreaming of ways to bring a piece of Italy back to his friends and family in Providence. He describes the Cinema Ritrovato film festival held in Italy annually and the selection films for this year's Providence tour, held at Brown University and open to members of the broader community.
Thu 2 Mar | Wall Street Journal

Why women drink more white wine

A feature on the popularity of white wine among women cites a Brown University study that found the drink was linked with an increased risk of melanoma.
Thu 2 Mar | The Boston Globe

A warning from the Middle East

Stephen Kinzer, senior fellow at the Watson Institute, wrote an op-ed about the drastic political and economic turn Turkey has taken over the last decade and describes how democracy could be in danger in the United States.
Thu 2 Mar | Contagion Live

PrEP care should be viewed as a continuum: Here's why

Researchers at Brown University have proposed a multistep system to determine the effectiveness of implementation in clinical settings of pre-exposure prophylaxis, a preventative care treatment aimed reducing HIV infections for those at high risk of contracting the disease.
Wed 1 Mar | The Indian Express

When the state looks away

Ashutosh Varshney, professor of international studies and political science, examines culpability in the 2002 riots in Gujarat that resulted in hundreds of deaths.