Mon 6 Feb | The Providence Journal

‘Never stop believing’

Brown cognitive scientist Joachim Krueger commented on one of the factors that led the Patriots to overcome the biggest deficit in Super Bowl history.
Mon 6 Feb | UPI

Marital status linked to health in postmenopausal women

Researchers in the School of Public Health contributed to a new study that found health factors in postmenopausal women may be affected by marriage or divorce. The results are in stark contrast to earlier studies that found marriage had been associated with improved overall health.
Thu 2 Feb | The Providence Journal

Brown President Paxson gets another 5-year term at the university

Expressing "confidence" in her leadership during a time of federal education uncertainty, the corporation that governs Brown University has reappointed president Christina Paxson, the college announced on Thursday. Paxson will serve a second five-year term extending her presidency through June 2022.
Thu 2 Feb | Associated Press

Brown University researchers help develop 'Bat Bot'

Researchers have developed a drone that looks and flies like a bat which has the potential to be used in tight safe zones and disaster sites. A team of experts from Brown University who studied bat flight contributed to the drone's development.
Wed 1 Feb | National Geographic

Why it's important to save our seas' last pristine places

Marine ecologist Jon Witman describes Cashes Ledge, an undersea mountain in the Gulf of Maine, as "a time machine to the coastal New England of 400 years ago.” Witman's comments come at a time when growing evidence suggest preserving precious areas not only stops overfishing, but it can lessen the impacts of climate change. But the new presidential administration presents new challenges in the fight against climate change.
Wed 1 Feb | The Boston Globe

Op-ed: Stop complaining about Trump

Stephen Kinzer, senior fellow at the Watson Institute, wrote an op-ed explaining how the rise of Donald Trump is the logical outcome based on American history.
Sun 29 Jan | The Union Leader

Tropical glaciers disappearing faster than thought

New Brown led research suggests future warming on tropical peaks may happen much faster than climate models currently predict, shedding light on a climate science mystery that has perplexed researchers for decades.