Tue 14 Feb | RI NPR

Health in Rhode Island

A news round-up mentions that Brown University researchers are part of a multidisciplinary team to receive a $2.9 million grant to conduct a five-year research study into more advanced screenings for suicide risk.
Sat 11 Feb | The Providence Journal

'Rethinking America' the theme of One Day University

Brown University professors Wendy Schiller and Kenneth Miller will deliver lectures in Providence through the One Day University, an education program that has spread to several cities. The theme for this year's program is "Rethinking America."
Fri 10 Feb | The Boston Globe

Dealing with life and death in southern Sudan

Filmmaker Ken Carlson discusses what he hopes to accomplish by producing a documentary about Tom Catena, a Brown alum and doctor in South Sudan who serves about 1 million patients. Carlson mentions that just by mentioning his affiliation to Catena while he was held at gun point, had the power to save his life.
Thu 9 Feb | Bloomberg

People actually use food stamps to buy more food

A paper by Brown economists Justine Hastings and Jesse Shapiro adds to growing evidence that for every additional dollar in food stamp benefits recipients get, nearly all of it goes into buying additional food.
Wed 8 Feb | MedPage Today

Vancomycin proves best for Severe C.Diff

Colleen Kelly, assistant professor of medicine, commented on the findings of a new study that examined the outcomes of two first-line therapies for Clostridium difficileinfection.
Wed 8 Feb | World Economic Forum

Why do you live where you live?

Brown economists Vernon Henderson and David Well co-authored an article that explains why people live in densely populated areas.
Tue 7 Feb | Dialogo Chino

Latin America lacks awareness on climate risks

Guy Edwards, co-director of Brown University’s Climate and Development Lab, commented on Latin America's agenda in relation to climate change, a topic that has largely been ignored by the region's financial institutions.