Tue 21 Mar | The New York Times

Gorsuch, abortion and the concept of personhood

As confirmation hearings for Judge Neil Gorsuch proceed into its third day, Brown political scientist Corey Brettschneider wrote an op-ed about Gorsuch's academic views on laws and political philosophy.
Tue 21 Mar | Latino USA

(Opinion) Immigration reform 2.0

In op-ed about the dichotomy between 'good' and 'bad' immigrants, Kevin Escudero, a postdoctoral fellow in American Studies, described the current immigration framework playing out across the U.S. and the need to recognize the commonalities among the various undocumented immigrant experiences.
Mon 20 Mar | The Hill

Breaking families apart: The moral and economic costs to the US

Jessaca Leinaweaver, who directs the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, wrote about the problems she sees with the U.S. immigration enforcement's new strategy to deter immigration. "It costs a lot less to let an undocumented taxpayer raise her own child, than it does to separate mother from child and devote additional tax dollars to an imperfect foster care solution," Leinaweaver said in regards to a hardline approach on immigration.
Thu 16 Mar | The Indian Express

A PM like Indira Gandhi

Ashutosh Varshney, director of Brown University's Center for the Study of Contemporary South Asia, wrote a column that reflects on India's 2014 state parliamentary elections and gives an analysis of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's governing style.
Wed 15 Mar | GoodCall

Professors who invent attract engineering students

Lawrence Larson, founding dean of engineering at Brown University, commented on a variety of topics that primarily focuses on attracting students to scientific careers. Larson touches on the satisfaction students might get from successful inventions, the loss of talent in the technology field and the different paths students can take.
Wed 15 Mar | Diverse Issues in Higher Education

Plenty of work remains in effort to close higher ed gender pay gap

John Friedman, associate professor of economics, comments on the gender wage gap in some of the most lucrative occupations. “Most colleges — non-selective four year schools, and even most selective four-year schools — aren’t putting too many people into the Goldman Sachs of the world,” Friedman said.
Wed 15 Mar | The Providence Journal

R.I. exhibit features artists with autism

Stephen J. Sheinkopf, professor of psychiatry, comments on the artistic talents that are displayed by people with disabilities and mental illnesses in an article about a new exhibition that is part of Brain Week Rhode Island.
Tue 14 Mar | The Boston Globe

The joy of benevolent dictatorship

Stephen Kinzer, senior fellow at the Watson Institute, praised Oman as "the geopolitical gem of the Middle East" because of its stance in foreign affairs and its stable government. Kinzer expressed concern about the country's future now that its sultan, Qaboos bin Said, has fallen ill.
Mon 13 Mar | Providence Business News

Five Questions With: R. John Davenport

John Davenport, an adjunct associate professor of neuroscience, discusses the impact and allocation of the $1.5 billion in federal funding for the BRAIN Initiative, which aims to increase understanding of how the brain works and address prevalent brain disorders.
Mon 13 Mar | HealthDay News

Can supplements ward off the 'baby blues'?

Dr. Teri Pearlstein, professor of psychiatry, commented on a preliminary study that suggests a new dietary supplement could reduce symptoms of postpartum depression. Pearlstein, who is not involved with the study, said the findings are intriguing but that women should not assume that taking components of the dietary supplement would prevent the development of postpartum depression.
Mon 13 Mar | The Hill

Ted Cruz wants to destroy the Senate as we know it

Richard A. Arenberg, visiting lecturer in international and public affairs, wrote an opinion piece about Sen. Ted Cruz' suggestion for the vice president to circumvent the Senate reconciliation process. "If the Cruz idea is adopted, it would blow a gigantic hole in the Senate rules, destroying the Senate as we know it," Arenberg wrote.
Sun 12 Mar | CNN

Republican plan for Medicaid could hurt opioid abusers Trump promised to help

“If you cut off even the essential funding for people to get that treatment, they simply won’t get it,” David C. Lewis said in reference to the Republican-backed health care plan that would reduce addiction services. Lewis is described as the founder of the Brown University's Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies.
Sun 12 Mar | The Australian

Why grown-ups need a proper bedtime as much as children

Sleep researcher Mary Carskadon comments on the growing scientific literature demonstrating the dangers of disrupting sleep cycles, which is most prevalent among shift workers and becomes more common for everyone during weekends.
Fri 10 Mar | The Washington Post

When is a warlord better than no warlord?

Robert Blair, assistant professor of political science, co-wrote an article about the complex role of warlords and when they should be recognized as a legitimate authority.