Mon 26 May | RI NPR

Brown Corporation Discusses Controversy over Sexual Assault

Officials at Brown University say they expect a full report on the school’s sexual assault policy to be complete by the end of the fall semester. The Brown Corporation discussed the issue at its quarterly meeting on Friday, just before Brown’s commencement ceremonies got underway.
Sun 25 May | The Providence Journal

E. Greenwich med-school grad achieves lifelong dream

Jordan Sack, a 26-year-old East Greenwich native who was born with significant hearing loss, graduated from the Warren Alpert Medical School on Sunday. He is believed to be the first deaf student to earn a degree from the medical school, according to university officials.
Fri 23 May | The Providence Journal

‘Green’ alternatives to reduce sewer discharges into Bay eyed to cut costs

With the third phase of a project to reduce sewer discharges into Narragansett Bay expected to hit $600 million, officials gathered on Thursday to discuss whether “green” alternatives might be less costly. Caroline Karp, senior lecturer in environmental studies, cautioned that focusing only on bacteria and not on other pollutants was misguided.
Fri 23 May | The Providence Journal

For kids and parents, marijuana prohibition has failed

Nickolas Zaller, assistant professor of medicine, writes an op-ed on how the decades-long prohibition of marijuana has failed to impact the ubiquitous availability of marijuana among kids, and why it might be time to think about a new policy to combat it. 
Fri 23 May | BBC

Flying robots: Nature inspires next generation design

An article on how birds, bats, insects and other creatures are inspiring drone research cites earlier research by Kenny Breuer, professor of engineering, who built an eerily accurate robotic copy of a bat wing, demonstrating the wing's remarkable range of movement and flexibility.
Fri 23 May | Bloomberg Businessweek

Brown University Gets Into the MBA Game

Brown University’s governing body voted Friday to begin issuing a master’s in business administration for the first time in its history. The degree is an extension of the executive MBA program that Brown administers in collaboration with Madrid’s IE Business School.
Thu 22 May | The Providence Journal

Student who reported rape files civil-rights complaint against Brown

Lena Sclove, the Brown University student who reported she was raped by another student, has filed a federal civil rights complaint with the U.S. Department of Education. With the help of the nonprofit law firm Legal Momentum, Sclove said she filed both Title IX and Clery Act complaints. The complaints were filed against Brown University“in connection with Brown’s failure to expel a student whom it had found responsible for nonconsensual sexual misconduct,” a news release from Legal Momentum said.
Thu 22 May | NPR

Experimental Malaria Vaccine Blocks The Bad Guy's Exit

For the first time in decades, researchers trying to develop a vaccine for malaria have discovered a new target they can use to attack this deadly and common parasite. Jonathan Kurtis, professor of pathology and laboratory medicine, led the new research. 
Wed 21 May | General Surgery News

Type 1 Diabetes Patients Benefit From Bariatric Surgery in Small Study

Sivamainthan Vithiananthan, associate professor of surgery (clinical) and chief of bariatric surgery, comments on a new study that found that overweight patients with poorly controlled type 1 diabetes can experience significant improvements in glycemic status and comorbid conditions after bariatric surgery.
Wed 21 May | RI NPR

At 73, Buddy Cianci Considers Yet Another Run for Mayor of Providence

Wendy Schiller, associate professor of political science, comments on Vincent A. "Buddy" Cianci Jr.'s consideration of another run for Providence mayor. “There’s a lot of nostalgia about Buddy Cianci as mayor. They liked the way Providence looks, they like what he did as mayor, and they feel the city will be well-run if he comes back," Schiller said. 
Wed 21 May | Financial Times

India: Modi’s moment

Ashutosh Varshney comments on India's newly elected prime minister Narendra Modi. “His ambition is not to be just another political leader ruling for five years. He wants to reshape India’s political universe,” Varshney said. 
Tue 20 May | NPR

How Russia's Shared Kitchens Helped Shape Soviet Politics

Sergei Khrushchev comments on the Russian practice of communal kitchens in the decades following the 1917 revolution: "In Stalin's time, the theoretical idea of communism declared that all people have to be equal and the women have to be free from the slavery work in the kitchen. There mustn't be a kitchen in the apartment. You will go and eat in the cafeteria."
Tue 20 May | Buzzfeed

Alumni Refuse To Donate Until Colleges Address Campus Sexual Assault

As more schools come under fire for mishandling sexual assault, alumni across the country are brainstorming ways to pressure their schools into taking action. A group of students at Brown University recently launched a “Gift for a Sexual Assault-Free Campus in Honor of the Class of 2014” as an alternative to the school’s traditional “senior gift.” The funds will supplement existing funding for sexual assault prevention by directly supporting peer education programs and university staff training.
Tue 20 May | The Providence Journal

Brown names new provost

Brown University president Christina H. Paxson on Tuesday today announced the appointment of Vicki Leigh Colvin as Brown University’s 12th provost.
Mon 19 May | Providence Business News

For-profits see opportunity in struggling hospitals

Vincent Mor, professor of health services policy and practice, comments on the increase in for-profit hospitals purchasing local community facilities. “One of the underlying [issues] in Rhode Island and New England, because it is more community oriented than other areas, we are over-bedded relative to demand and so some beds have got to close,” Mor said. “For-profits are moving in because they believe if they get in early enough, they can make sufficient capital to compete aggressively and drive the others out of business.”