Mon 29 Aug | Tech Republic

8 tips for building tech leadership skills

Tech workers looking to move up the career ladder often have the strong technical skills needed to lead by example, but often lack the leadership qualities needed to take on executive roles. Now, programs across the country like Brown University's Executive Master in Science & Technology Leadership program aims to fill that void by getting workers to challenge paradigms.
Mon 29 Aug | The Independent

Former Brazilian president says democracy is in jeopardy

With the chamber set to decide later this week whether former Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff is guilty of corruption charges, professor James Green comments on the political upheaval in South America's largest economy. "Impartial observers generally recognize that the charges against her are more political than fiscal in nature,”said Green, who teaches Brazilian history and culture.
Sat 27 Aug | Bustle

An open letter to French officials who support the burkini ban, from a muslim woman

Brown undergraduate Amara Majeed, who is studying cognitive neuroscience and public policy, wrote an open letter to French officials supporting the country's burkini ban. "Even if the intent is to excoriate the burkini ban while circulating these photos, I implore you to not be complicit, whether directly or indirectly, in systems of oppression that are stripping women, literally, of their right to choose what they wear," Majeed wrote.
Thu 25 Aug | Truro Daily News

Bold moves, tepid gains: Have central banks met their limit?

Mark Blyth, professor of international political economy, comments on the recent moves by central banks to stimulate economic growth. "It's pushing on a string if you're trying to get people who are already living in a borderline recession economy, who are already up to their eyeballs in debt, to borrow more," Blyth said.
Wed 24 Aug | The Hill

Rhode Island may pave way for Obama wind energy boom

When the switch turns on at the Block Island Wind Farm it'll be an important marker in President Obama's climate change legacy, according to Jeff Colgan, professor of political science at Brown University. “It’s important for Obama to at least show that before the end of his presidency, one of these projects was built,” Colgan said.
Tue 23 Aug | The Indian Express

Return of the cow

Ashutosh Varshney, professor of international relations and political science, writes about the political issue of cow protection in India and how if not handled carefully could create divisiveness within the country's population.
Tue 23 Aug | ABC

Alzheimer's, can we prevent it?

In a short documentary that explores the possibilities of delaying cognitive decline in old age, Brown neurologist Suzanne De La Monte joins other scientists in suggesting people have the power to lower their chances of getting Alzheimer's disease.
Tue 23 Aug | U.S. News & World Report

Veteran's painkiller use can raise odds for heroin

Brandon Marshall, assistant professor in the School of Public Health, comments on the findings that veterans who misuse narcotic painkillers may be at high rink for heroin use. "This study quantifies of starting painkiller misuse and heroin use in a specific, high risk population -- veterans around the U.S.," said Marshall, a corresponding author.
Mon 22 Aug | The Nation

Two independence days

Ashutosh Varshney, professor of international studies and political science, comments on an article about the relationship between Pakistan and India as they head into their respective independence days.
Mon 22 Aug | Convergence RI

A translational science success story

Katherine Sharkey, associate professor of medicine, describes working alongside sleep researcher Mary A. Carskadon and the translational science work that has evolved for more than two decades.
Mon 22 Aug | Blog Talk Radio

Lessons learned

Rachel Herz, adjunct assistant professor of psychiatry and human behavior, discusses the importance of fragrance and its impact on emotion. As summer comes to a close, Herz describes how fragrance can encourage us out of our comfort zone this season.
Mon 22 Aug | The Viral News

How sports and science classify sex

Sometimes the sex of an individual isn't easily definable, according to emerita professor of biology Anne Fausto-Sterling. "There is no one right definition," added Fausto-Sterling. "You have to look at it developmentally and you have to understand that there are multiple layers to sex and sex determination."
Mon 22 Aug | Inside Higher Ed

Integrating values into your career

A former graduate student credits Mary Wright, now director of the Sheridan Center of Teaching and Learning at Brown University, with illuminating a core value that has influenced her career.
Sun 21 Aug | The Washington Post

Goodbyes of summer

As parents prepare to say goodbye to their college bound kids, Fran Goldscheider, professor emerita of sociology, says there are a number of factors that could contribute to separation anxiety for both sides of the fence. "Research shows that this is the worst time parents should choose to get divorced; that it's the most disruptive. If you're going to leap, you have to leap from some place that's firm and secure," Goldscheider said.
Thu 18 Aug | CBC News

How pregnant women can cut through "health" noise

For expecting mothers who are reading studies on what's best for their developing baby, it can be a confusing time navigating through the mix of contradictory studies. The article cites work by Emily Oster, associate professor of economics, and her take on cutting through the noise of available health advice.
Thu 18 Aug | Reuters

In wake of riots, Milwaukee looks inward for solutions

John Logan, professor of sociology, comments on government's efforts to revitalize development projects meant to assist Milwaukee inner city residents as riots get a foothold in the blighted city that has suffered from chronic crime and unemployment. "I honestly don't believe there's been much targeted efforts at economic development that would have much impact on the low income inner city or minority communities," said Logan, of Brown University.