Tue 21 Jul | Vice

Live Near A Fracking Site In Pennsylvania?

New research shows a link between hospitalizations and fracking in Pennsylvania. The article cites a Brown University study that found babies in highly fracked regions of Colorado more frequently had birth defects.
Tue 21 Jul | The Wall Street Journal

Do You Know What Your Time Is Really Worth?

Emily Oster, associate professor of economics, comments on an article about outsourcing chores and the value of time. "If hiring help buys you an extra half hour with your job or your kids, it’s worth it, even if in principle you could do it yourself,” Oster said.
Tue 21 Jul | The Globe and Mail

Supportive housing key in battling HIV, study says

Providing supportive housing for HIV patients could increase the number who use anti-retroviral drugs which can bring the disease to undetectable levels and significantly reduce transmission to others, according to a study co-authored by Brown University faculty. “We see very clearly that there are very strong benefits to helping people adhere to their HIV treatment in shelter environments," said Brandon Marshall, professor of epidemiology.
Mon 20 Jul | The Boston Globe

We’ll always be the foreigners

Stephen Kinzer, visiting fellow at the Watson Institute for International Studies, writes an op-ed about how the United States is perceived in other countries and how some would rather adopt a bad idea as long as it was conceived at home.
Mon 20 Jul | Providence Business News

Five Questions With: Xiaochen Lin

Xiaochen Lin, doctoral student in the School of Public Health, spoke with Providence Business News about a study she led which focused on the health benefits of exercise across a varied population.
Sun 19 Jul | The Atlanta Journal

Inmates dying on his watch

Dr. Josiah Rich, professor at the Alpert Medical School, commented on the lack of proper medical care for inmates."The only oversight we really have comes from the courts, with people suing, or the press," Rich said.
Sun 19 Jul | The Wall Street Journal

Iranian Art Lovers Await Accord’s Benefits

Shiva Balaghi, visiting scholar in history of art and architecture, said art enthusiasts should be wary of purchasing Iranian works once sanctions are lifted in the area. She suspects there will be a surge of "fake Persian vases and old-seeming Islamic manuscripts."
Sat 18 Jul | The Economist

How the other half votes

In an article on politics in Argentina, Rebecca Weitz-Shapiro, assistant professor of economics, says that country does less than some of its neighbors to combat the distribution of benefits and services in exchange for political support.
Sat 18 Jul | The New York Times

Understanding the Options at the End of Life

Felicia Nimue Ackerman, professor of philosophy, wrote a letter to the editor in response to Katy Butler's "Aid-in-Dying Laws Are Just a Start." People who want tp maximum longevity deserve just as much respect and support as those who believe in letting nature take its course, Ackerman argued.
Fri 17 Jul | Five Thirty Eight

What’s The Optimal Speed For Exercise?

Emily Oster, associate professor of economics, writes about research on the impact and benefits of walking versus running, which researchers typically measure using a measurement known as MET, or metabolic equivalent of task.
Fri 17 Jul | The Providence Journal

Art and Alzheimer's

An exhibition titled "Interstice: Memory, Mind and Alzheimer’s Disease" opened Thursday night in the Cohen Gallery, Granoff Center for the Creative Arts. The exhibition aims to convey the initial feelings of fear and isolation a Alzheimer's diagnosis brings.
Thu 16 Jul | WJAR

Poll: Chafee has zero percent support as presidential candidate

Wendy Schiller comments on Lincoln Chaffee's run for president and his current campaign stop in Iowa, noting that his actual goal might just to become part of the conversation versus winning the nomination. “The Iowa caucus is all about meeting people in their living rooms,” Schiller said. “That's how they vote at the end of the day…Governor Chafee’s decent one-to-one. It’s the larger groups that he's not a good communicator.”
Thu 16 Jul | Forbes

Pluto's Moon Charon Features Puzzling Mountain In A Moat

Jim Head comments on new images of Pluto’s largest moon Charon, which has what at first glance appears to be a moat-like region on its surface. Head says he interprets the feature as a hole, a mountain, and “kind of a raised rim” around the hole.
Thu 16 Jul | Scientific American

Small Distractions Can Have Big Consequences

A study published Current Biology by Jeff Moher and Joo-Hyun Song of Brown, along with a researcher at Johns Hopkins University, found that subtle distractors change what we are doing more than obvious ones, but they do not have the same effect on what we see.
Wed 15 Jul | The Huffington Post

The Myth of the Ethical Shopper

Richard Locke is cited for his research on working conditions at Nike in a lengthy article on garment factory working conditions.
Wed 15 Jul | Boston Herald

School boss eyes hike in
elite ranks

An article about a plan to increase the number of minority students at elite high schools in Boston cites a study by the Annenberg Institute for School Reform. The study revealed that white male students in Boston Public Schools were enrolled in advanced classes at a rate of three to four times higher than black and Latino males.
Tue 14 Jul | The Boston Globe

Iran deal is a step toward reimagining the Middle East

Stephen Kinzer, visiting fellow at the Watson Institute for International Studies, writes an op-ed about the implications of the recent deal struck with Iran announced by the United States and five other world powers. The agreement focused on Iran's nuclear program, but it's true meaning is that "It is a step toward reimagining the Middle East and America’s role there," Kinzer wrote.
Tue 14 Jul | Money Magazine

MONEY's Best Colleges

Brown University is the only school in Rhode Island to break into the top 50 threshold of Money Magazine's Best Colleges For Your Money.
Tue 14 Jul | Fox News

Organized programs help prevent or delay diabetes

Dr. Ethan Balk, assistant professor of health services and lead author of the commissioned report, commented on findings that revealed organized diet and exercise can ward off diabetes. “In general, people who may be at increased risk for diabetes (both adults and children) include those who are overweight or obese and those who have a sedentary lifestyle.”
Mon 13 Jul | The Providence Journal

Gorbea mulls moving up R.I. primary

Wendy Schiller comments on Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea's expressed concern over the short time between the primary and general elections. In a state dominated by Democrats, Republicans would want a later primary to give them more time to persuade independents, while Democrats wouldn’t need or want that time because it shortens the time to build their base before the primary, said Schiller.
Mon 13 Jul | The Providence Journal

Nothing ruled out in Salty Brine beach blast

Stephen Porder, associate professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, commented on the cause to the explosion at Salty Brine State Beach on Sunday. He said the chances of the explosion being attributed to natural causes is "theoretically possible, but highly improbable."