Sat 14 Jun | Associated Press

Brooklyn Offers Urban Cool To 2016 Convention Bid

Wendy Schiller, professor of political science, comments on an article about the location of the 2016 Democratic Convention and the party's chance of winning the presidency. "There is little to no evidence in political science research that the location of a presidential nominating convention increases or decreases the party's chances of winning the presidency," Schiller said.
Thu 12 Jun | Health Day

Scientists Spot New Clues to a Deadly Lung Disease

Dr. Jack Elias, dean of medicine and biological sciences at Brown, comments on a study that found a key biological player in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, a uniformly fatal lung disease that kills thousands of Americans each year. "The CHI3L1 is doing exactly what it is supposed to do -- it is designed to shut off cell death and decrease injury," Elias, co-senior author, said of the protein that gives rise to the disease.
Thu 12 Jun | The Economic Times

Six myths busted

In an article that debunked six myths associated with infidelity, Brown University psychiatrist Scott Haltzman said the greatest challenges to a committed relationship is when one partner goes outside the marriage to look for a connection, either physical and emotional.
Thu 12 Jun | The Chronicle of Higher Education

Opening New Front in Campus-Rape Debate, Brown Student Tells Education Dept. His Side

A rising number of college men accused of rape are fighting back. This week a former Brown University student took the unusual step of sending a letter to the U.S. Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights, telling his side of the story in a sexual encounter that not only got him suspended from Brown this past academic year but also tarnished his reputation, his lawyers say.
Thu 12 Jun | Bloomberg

Militants on March in Iraq Undo What U.S. Sought

An article on the Islamic militants’ sweep through northern Iraq and the collapse of the Iraqi, which threaten global oil markets, cites the 'Cost of War Project' study by the Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University.
Thu 12 Jun | The Economist

Q&A with Charles Cobb

Charles Cobb, visiting professor at Brown, talks about his new book, This Nonviolent Stuff’ll Get You Killed, which explains how armed self-defense and non-violent protest were complementary tactics in the effort to secure civil rights for black Americans.
Thu 12 Jun | The Economist

Q&A with Charles Cobb

Charles Cobb, visiting professor at Brown, talks about his new book, This Nonviolent Stuff’ll Get You Killed, which explains how armed self-defense and non-violent protest were complementary tactics in the effort to secure civil rights for black Americans.
Wed 11 Jun | Providence Business News

Two R.I. companies semifinalists in Cleantech Open

Leading Edge Hydro, a company founded by Brown University researchers, is among two RI businesses that are semifinalists in the Northeast Region of Cleantech Open, an energy and environmental technology accelerator. Leading Edge entered its concept for a hydrofoil capable of capturing ocean and river tidal currents in the energy generation category.
Wed 11 Jun | Providence Business News

Women & Infants ranks No. 19 in U.S. for neonatal care

U.S. News & World Report has named Women & Infants Hospital among the top pediatric hospitals in the country specializing in the medical care of newborn infants. James F. Padbury, pediatrician-in-chief at Women & Infants and the Oh-Zopfi Professor of Pediatrics for Perinatal Research at Alpert Medical School, comments on the ranking. 
Wed 11 Jun | The Atlantic

Americana: Wade Stadium, Home of the Huskies

In an article on sports in America as part of his "America Futures" series, James Fallows writes about giving the Casey Shearer Lecture at Brown in April and how he'll use the honorarium he received to pay expenses for reports exploring the role sports plays several U.S. cities, out of "respect for the kind of writing that Casey Shearer might have done."
Wed 11 Jun | ABC's RN First Bite

The good oil

Dr. Mary Flynn, assistant professor of medicine at Brown, will speak with Producer Anita Barraud about the discovery of the health benefits associated with a Mediterranean diet on Saturday, June 14.
Wed 11 Jun | Mail Online

Scientists baffled by mystery disease infecting half of Oregon's sea stars and turning them into goo

An area previously unaffected by the starfish wasting disease has appeared off the coast of Oregon. Gary Wessel, professor of biology, said there were some correlations between viruses in the lesions and microorganisms. "We are now testing whether these organisms are causative (by infecting healthy animals and seeing if they replicate the wasting phenotype) or just associated,'" he said.
Wed 11 Jun | The Providence Phoenix

'Very Providencey'

With Providence being located near meccas that attract art gurus to places like New York, Greg Cook writes about "Nowhere: Alumni Artists in Providence” at Brown University’s Bell Gallery, which features works by alums who still reside in Rhode Island.
Wed 11 Jun | The Providence Phoenix

'Wait and see' about pot legalization? Let's not, says Regulate RI

Jared Moffat '13, director of Regulate Rhode Island, spoke with Philip Eil about the possibility of Rhode Island legalizing marijuana in a similar manner to Colorado or Washington. Less than a year of it incorporation, Regulate RI has already enlisted the support of David Lewis, founder of the Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies.
Wed 11 Jun | The New York Times

U.S. Economic Recovery Looks Distant as Growth Stalls

An article on the slow economic growth following the Great Recession between 2007 and 2009 cites a recent paper by Gauti Eggertsson and Neil Mehrotra, economics professors at Brown University. They argued that the combination of the financial crisis, fewer workers and rising income inequality could leave the economy in a state of “permanent recession.”
Wed 11 Jun | Bloomberg

Brown’s Schiller Says Cantor Loss Bad for Democrats

Wendy Schiller, associate professor of political science, talks about Eric Cantor’s loss to a Tea Party challenger in Virginia’s primary race, saying that it does not bode well for Democrats because they are losing a conservative Republican counterpart who over time has become more willing to work with them on some key pieces of legislation.
Tue 10 Jun | Environmental Health News

Infants exposed to 'potentially harmful' chemicals in vinyl

Joe Braun, assistant professor of epidemiology, comments on a new study out of Finland that found that most babies born prematurely and one-third of full-term infants are exposed to chemicals found in vinyl “at a potentially harmful level.” 
Tue 10 Jun | The Providence Journal

Taking aim at Alzheimer’s

The first U.S. clinical trial of a drug designed to prevent or delay the onset of Alzheimer's began Monday at Butler Hospital.  “This is launching a whole new era for the prevention of Alzheimer’s,” said Stephen Salloway, professor of neurology and director of neurology and the Memory and Aging Program at Butler. “This puts prevention of Alzheimer’s on par with other like cancer and heart disease.”
Mon 9 Jun | Providence Business News

Brown, RISD museums each awarded $500K to launch partnership

Museums at Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design have each won $500,000 grants from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for a new major academic partnership. Entitled “Assemblages,” the initiative will be a joint effort of the Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology at Brown and the RISD Museum that focuses on the new and evolving field of object-based teaching and research.
Mon 9 Jun | The Providence Journal

United front against drug abuse

Nearly 200 doctors, health professionals and law enforcement officials gathered at Brown University’s Warren Alpert Medical School on Saturday to address the state's drug overdose epidemic. Among them was Traci C. Green, an assistant professor of emergency medicine and epidemiology, who is quoted throughout the article. 
Mon 9 Jun | Providence Business News

Five Questions With: Dr. Gregory Fritz

Gregory Fritz, professor and director of the division of child and adolescent psychiatry at the Alpert Medical School, discusses his work in children's mental health. 
Mon 9 Jun | Newsday

Young adult survey: LI needs more housing options, jobs to keep us here

John Logan, professor of sociology, comments on the results of a Long Island survey that found that an overwhelming majority of young adult Long Islanders can see themselves leaving the region if they do not have housing options at an "attainable" cost and cannot find jobs in line with their skills and salary expectations.
Mon 9 Jun | The Washington Post

Too bad there’s no AAA on Mars as the Curiosity rover faces equipment trouble

Ralph Milliken, assistant professor of geological sciences, comments on the Mars rover Curiosity's journey to Mount Sharp, which has been fraught with obstacles along the way. The rocks and minerals there “will tell us so much about the geological history of the region, and maybe more of the globe,” Milliken said. 
Mon 9 Jun | The Boston Globe

Brown and Naval War College agree to collaborate

Brown University and the Naval War College have signed an agreement to collaborate in research and teaching on international security. Under the agreement, the schools will collaborate on activities such as an annual distinguished lecture series, as well as creating national security fellowships.