Fri 30 Dec | Providence Business News

‘We live here as much as we work here'

Brown University alumnus Danny Warshay discusses what entrepreneurship is like in Rhode Island and shares insights into the mindset of an entrepreneur. Warshay is the founding executive director of the new Jonathan M. Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship at Brown.
Wed 28 Dec | Wall Street Journal

The best podcasts for self improvement

A listing of the best podcasts for self improvement mentions a must hear episode on "Waking Up with Sam Harris" that features Brown professor Glenn Loury.
Fri 23 Dec | The Providence Journal

Would Scrooge be diagnosed as manic?

Ahead of the Christmas holiday, Herbert Rakatansky, clinical professor of medicine emeritus, writes an opinion piece about the protagonist in Charles Dickens' the "Christmas Carol." He addresses what medical doctors might say of Scrooge's hallucinatory bouts.
Fri 23 Dec | The Boston Globe

The Enlightenment had a good run

Stephen Kinzer, senior fellow at the Watson Institute, wrote an op-ed about the fall of democracy around the world, examines its origins and factors that led to the global revolt.
Thu 15 Dec | Times of London

Must Rhodes fall?

Brown University's efforts to examine its historical ties to slavery are mentioned in an article that discusses how colleges and universities all over the world are handling calls to remove artifacts or rename buildings that honor slaveholders, slave traders or proponents of slavery.
Tue 13 Dec | The Providence Journal

Brown to lease 2 floors in Wexford 'innovation complex'

Brown University has agreed to lease two floors in the proposed Innovation Center being developed by Wexford Science & Technology. The University's growing School of Professional Studies will serve as an anchor tenant in the complex, along with the Cambridge Innovation Center.
Tue 13 Dec | CNN

White wine raises melanoma risk, study says

Alcohol has been linked to several different cancers, some more strongly than others. Now a study adds a new type of cancer to the list, and it's an unexpected one: Brown University researchers say that drinking, even in moderate amounts, is associated with higher rates of melanoma -- the deadliest form of skin cancer.
Mon 12 Dec | Times Higher Education

Confronting slavery: turning Brown’s difficult past into future opportunities

Martin Hall comments on Brown University's recent conference on using public history to explore the legacy of slavery and its impact on present-day institutions and civic life. President Emerita Ruth J. Simmons, who launched Brown's internal investigation into its involvement in the slave trade, gave the keynote for the three-day conference, which was held in conjunction with the opening of an exhibition titled "Black Mechanics – The Making of an American-University and a Nation."
Mon 12 Dec | The Boston Globe

A cinematic portrait of a young Obama

Andre Willis, professor of religious studies, recalls his early impressions of Adam Mansbach, who wrote the screenplay a film premiering on Friday that imagines President Obama's struggle to fit in at Columbia University.
Mon 12 Dec | Cosmos magazine

Strange meteorites hint at young Jupiter's travels

Computer simulations suggest that Jupiter primarily formed shortly after the solar system began to coalesce into solids. The Brown led study was published in Science Advances and it also explains why Mars isn't bigger than its current size.
Mon 12 Dec | MIT Press Journals

An Interview with Butch Rovan

Joseph (Butch) Rovan, director of the Brown Arts Initiative, discusses his upbringing, development as a musician, his creative work and more in the fall 2016 issue of the Computer Music Journal.
Fri 9 Dec | New Scientist

Monkeys should be able to talk just like us – so why don’t they?

Philip Lieberman, professor emeritus at Brown University, comments on a recent study confirming that apes and monkeys have the vocal anatomy to produce speech, but likely lack the neurological connections to do so. “I’ve pointed out for decades that monkeys could talk, with reduced intelligibility, if their brains could learn and execute the motor acts involved in speech,” Lieberman said.
Thu 8 Dec | Diane Ravitch's Blog

Rosann Tung on movement to protect public schools

Rosann Tung, director of research and policy at Brown's Annenberg Institute, wrote about the meaning of the successful campaign to block the expansion of charter schools in Massachusetts and the present moment, where public schools across the nation are under threat. She is a parent in the Boston Public School system.
Tue 6 Dec | NPR

Best books of 2016

A book about the intersection of jazz and physics by Brown physicist Stephon Alexander is included in NPR's round up of "Best Books of 2016."
Mon 5 Dec | Brand-e

From Egypt to Canada

A non-profit library based in the U.S. is pushing to build an internet archive of Canada's cultural materials in order to keep them safe and perpetually available amid concerns Donald Trump could restrict the flow of digital information over the Internet. Brown University's Timothy Edgar comments on the extent of the President-elect's powers in these matters.