Sat 18 Apr | The New York Times

Would You Want to Smell BBQ All the Time?

Rachel Herz, adjunct assistant professor of psychiatry and human behavior, comments on complaints about the smell of barbecue from neighbors of restaurants in Austin, Texas, an issue that has gone before the city council. “The smell becomes highly offensive because of the distress of being exposed against your free will,” Herz said.
Fri 17 Apr | The Providence Journal

Arthur D. Norwalk: Sincere thanks to Brown president

In a letter, Providence resident Arthur D. Norwalk thanks Brown University President Christina Paxson for "consistently referring to the area between downtown and South Providence as the Jewelry District rather than the wildly pretentious Knowledge District in her April 14 Commentary piece."
Thu 16 Apr | The Providence Journal

Robert Arellano: Taking my one shot to get into Brown

Robert Arellano, a Brown alum and former Brown professor, writes about his acceptance into the Class of 1991 and his first visit to campus during Preview Weekend in the spring to try to get more financial aid so that he could attend.
Thu 16 Apr | The Providence Journal

Study of R.I. history key to sound education

Luther Spoehr, senior lecturer in education, co-authors an op-ed on the importance of having local students study R.I. history, arguing that the study of history makes students more informed citizens, more empathetic toward others and sharpens critical thinking and writing skills, among other benefits.
Thu 16 Apr | Daily Beast

Beatings, Murder, Rape in California Asylums

A new 900-page report exposes horrific crimes in five California mental health institutions, 13 of which ended in death. Christine Montross, assistant professor of psychiatry and human behavior, comments on how cost-cutting measures have affected care in these institutions.
Thu 16 Apr | The Providence Journal

Owners seek state payments, tax relief

Lawyer James J. Skeffington, PawSox president and a principal owner of the team, revealed proposed plans for the team's new ballpark in Providence on Wednesday. The land on which the proposed new park would sit is currently owned by Brown University and the I-195 Redevelopment District Commission.
Wed 15 Apr | Footnote

Teaching Robots To Behave Ethically

Bertram Malle, professor of cognitive, linguistic and psychological sciences, writes about how creating moral robots begins with understanding "how humans make moral decisions through their unique capacity to learn and to obey social and moral norms. Then we can examine how robots might also be able to learn, understand, and abide by such norms."
Tue 14 Apr | The Providence Journal

Christina Hull Paxson: Jewelry District alliances boost R.I.

President Christina Paxson in a letter states that Brown University's alliance with Providence and future investments in the Jewelry District will "create an engine of economic innovation and production that will benefit the entire city and state."
Tue 14 Apr | Medscape

FDA Panel Backs New Safety Warnings on Two Diabetes Drugs

A majority of a US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory committee recommended that two dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitors (DPP-4s) for type 2 diabetes have their labels updated to include information about new safety issues. Robert J. Smith, committee chair and professor of medicine, commented on the decision.
Tue 14 Apr | The Tennessean

Rigorous review of Nashville charter schools needed

An op-ed recommending tougher accountability and transparency standards for the Metro Nashville Public School Board cites the national standards recommended by the Annenberg Institute for School Reform that could help improve the school system.
Tue 14 Apr | RI NPR

Debra Messing, John Chan Win Trinity Rep Pell Awards

Julie Strandberg, senior lecturer in theatre arts and performance studies, will be among those honored with a 2015 Pell Award at Trinity Reparatory Theater’s annual tribute to the arts and the memory of the late U.S. Sen. Claiborne Pell, which takes place this year on June 15.
Mon 13 Apr | WPRI

Students run in 5k for sexual assault awareness

An article about the surge of sex trafficking cases in Rhode Island mentions a 5k race for sexual assault awareness held on Sunday at Brown University. Hundreds of students from Brown University and RISD took part in the 5k, making up half of all of the participants.
Mon 13 Apr | The Providence Journal

5 things to do today

Two film screenings, hosted by the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, were featured in an events listing for Monday, April 13.
Mon 13 Apr | Providence Business News

W&I physicians tapped to help produce textbook

Tina Rizack, assistant professor of medicine at the Alpert Medical School, has been tapped by publisher McGraw-Hill to co-edit the oncology section of a new edition of Principles and Practice of Hospital Medicine. Colleagues Dr. Ashley Stuckey and Dr. Katina Robison will write a chapter on women’s cancers.
Mon 13 Apr | The Washington Post

How sectarianism shapes Yemen’s war

Jeff Colgan, assistant professor at the Watson Institute, writes about the ongoing civil war in Yemen and how countries are intervening in wars for regional regime legitimacy.
Mon 13 Apr | Foreign Affairs

The Good News About Spying

Timothy Edgar, visiting professor at the Watson Institute, explains that despite citizens' disapproval of the United States' surveillance programs, President Barack Obama has done much to protect civil liberties by way of transparency reforms.
Sun 12 Apr | The Boston Globe

The world of threats to the US is an illusion

Stephen Kinzer, visiting fellow at the Watson Institute for International Studies, writes an op-ed about the United States and its potential threats. "The United States has no potent enemies. We are not only safe, but safer than any big power has been in all of modern history," Kinzer wrote.
Sun 12 Apr | The Boston Globe

How Boston embraced the Booth brothers

An image from the Brown University Library shows Edwin Booth standing beside his brother John Wilkes Booth, who killed Abraham Lincoln a year later. The article is about the Booth brothers relationship to Boston and how Edwin's life was turned upside-down following the murder of the beloved president.
Sun 12 Apr | KCRW

More on Hepatitis C

Roy Poses, clinical associate professor of medicine, comments on skepticism surrounding new treatments for hepatitis C.