Tue 17 Jan | Network World

7 really cool network and IT research projects

A round up of innovative research projects at top colleges mentions that Brown researchers took part in a Columbia University led project that resulted in a program that shuffles software code, making it difficult for hackers to exploit bugs in systems.
Thu 12 Jan | The Providence Journal

Democrats risk misreading the election

Daniel Hirschman, assistant professor of sociology, co-authored an op-ed about the inherit risks of magnifying narrow losses as seen from the recent election. Most importantly, the authors warn the misinterpretation of facts in the Democratic party could mislead them into scaling back their pursuit of Democratic ideals.
Wed 11 Jan | The Providence Journal

Providence VA leads national study of veterans' amputation needs

A national team led by Linda Resnik, a Brown University professor and research scientist at the Providence VA Medical Center, is leading a national study of the needs of veterans with traumatic upper-limb amputations -- the most common of which is loss below the elbow, typically suffered in combat.
Wed 11 Jan | Open Democracy

Do costs outweigh practical benefits human trafficking awareness

Elena Shih, associate professor of American studies, co-authored an introductory op-ed about the hidden costs of raising awareness campaigns. The series will feature more discussion branching from the same debate and is co-produced by Brown's Center for the Study of Slavery.
Mon 9 Jan | Providence Business News

Five questions with Dr. Jack A. Elias

Dr. Jack A. Elias, dean of medicine and biological sciences, discusses the recent $27 million gift from the Warren Alpert Foundation and how it will enable Brown’s M.D./Ph.D. program to expand.
Mon 9 Jan | Kaiser Health News

Obamacare boosted community health centers’ reach. Now what?

Two recent studies suggest that following the implementation of President Obama's 2010 health law and by extension the expansion of Medicaid that community centers have reached out to more people and improved quality of care, but with a new Trump administration there are many uncertainties. Associate professor Amal Trivedi is an author to one of the studies.
Mon 9 Jan | Becker's Hospital Review

Medicare ACO hospitals faster at reducing readmissions, study finds

Though both ACO and non-ACO hospitals have been successful in driving down rates of readmissions from skilled nursing facilities, hospitals participating in Medicare ACOs have done so measurably faster, according to a study co-authored by Brown assistant professor Momotazur Rahman.
Mon 9 Jan | Vice

This neural network designs baby names of the future

Thinking about potential baby names is difficult, but in the future maybe it won't have to be. Brown undergraduate Nate Parrott created a neural network that mashes up thousands of the most common baby names into futuristic sounding interpretive takes.
Sun 8 Jan | Christian Science Monitor

MIT scientists develop super-light, super-strong structure

Huajian Gao, professor of engineering at Brown, comments on a new MIT based study that explains how to build graphene into useful 3-D structures. Gao, who was not involved in the study, said the research is "a powerful "new approach in engineering research."
Fri 6 Jan | Providence Business News

Brown FLiCenter assists first-generation students

Brown junior Alexis Rodriguez-Camacho, a first generation student of Mexican descent, didn't identify with being different until he arrived at an elite institution. To help other students like him navigate the college experience, Rodriguez-Camacho ended up becoming directly involved in the creation of the University's First-Generation College and Low-Income Student Center, which has grown to encompass a larger demographic that includes low-income, undocumented and international students.
Fri 6 Jan | RI NPR

The bottom line: Brown's push for entrepreneurship

Danny Warshay, executive director of the Jonathan M. Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship, discusses why Brown is fertile ground for entrepreneurs, and how the university is working to make entrepreneurship a cornerstone for students and faculty of all disciplines.
Fri 6 Jan | CNN

Supreme Court wars escalate

Richard A Arenberg, a visiting lecturer in political science and international and public affairs at Brown, is quoted in an article discussing the political tensions surrounding the Supreme Court vacancy and the possibility of a Senate rules change that would help Republicans overcome Democrats' opposition to Trump nominees.
Wed 4 Jan | The New York Times

Why Republicans shouldn’t weaken the filibuster

Richard Arenberg, adjunct lecturer in international and public affairs, wrote an op-ed about the importance of keeping the filibuster intact now that Republicans have taken control of both houses of Congress and the Senate.
Tue 3 Jan | Wired

Beautiful X-Ray movies reveal skeletons like never before

Brown University researchers have developed open source software that could change the field of biomechanics. Their work is the newest phase of X-ray Reconstruction of Moving Morphology -- a technology that’s giving researchers a stunning look at bones in motion.