Mon 5 Dec | Brand-e

From Egypt to Canada

A non-profit library based in the U.S. is pushing to build an internet archive of Canada's cultural materials in order to keep them safe and perpetually available amid concerns Donald Trump could restrict the flow of digital information over the Internet. Brown University's Timothy Edgar comments on the extent of the President-elect's powers in these matters.
Mon 5 Dec | Wall Street Journal

When is it OK to brag?

New research on “self enhancement,” or what most of us call bragging, by psychologists at Brown University shows that people can manipulate how others see them by carefully choosing when and how to boast. But bragging to be positively received is a delicate balance of being competent or moral that can carry significant risks.
Mon 5 Dec | The Boston Globe

China is a psychological problem

Over the weekend, President-elect Donald Trump made a phone call to Taiwan's leader that did not bode well for US-China relations. In an op-ed by Stephen Kinzer titled "China is a psychological problem," the Brown University senior fellow wrote that China's ambitions will eventually collide with American interests and that it's increasingly important for the U.S. to establish a stable relationship with the East Asian country.
Sun 4 Dec | The Westerly Sun

New group wants to accelerate climate action in R.I.

Before Donald Trump jolted the environmental movement Nov. 8, Ken Payne and Brown professor J. Timmons Roberts were already looking to inject urgency into Rhode Island’s climate-change and renewable-energy efforts. They argue more grassroots efforts need to be undertaken to propel Rhode Island into an 'innovator state.'
Sat 3 Dec | Christian Science Monitor

Could Pluto's icy ocean harbor life?

Under Pluto's icy exterior, an ocean with the consistency of syrup and heavy concentration of ammonia could harbor novel life forms researchers said in a new study published this month. Their findings are supported by separate study by Brown University researchers who found Pluto's subsurface ocean could be expanding the planet.
Thu 1 Dec | Foreign Affairs

Rethinking U.S. National Security

J. Brian Atwood, senior fellow at the Watson Institute, co-authors an op-ed about U.S. foreign policies having unintended consequences that directly impact U.S. interests.
Wed 30 Nov | The Providence Journal

The lesson of good political novels

Felicia Ackerman, professor of philosophy, writes an op-ed titled "The lesson of good political novels," which raises concerns about exaggerating the threats posed by Donald Trump.
Wed 30 Nov | Inside Higher Ed

Uncertainty on Cuba

Kendall Brostuen, the director of international programs at Brown University, comments on the semester-long study abroad program in Havana amid rising uncertainty between the U.S. and Cuban relations following Fidel Castro's death and Donald Trump's comments on undoing the new exchange.
Tue 29 Nov | The Washington Post

Donald Trump is an economic nationalist. What’s an economic nationalist?

Jeff Colgan, associate professor of political science, offers an analysis of President-elect Donald Trump's economic policies that harken back to the idea of economic nationalism of the 20th century. He explains what the term means, where it comes from and what could happen in the United States.
Tue 29 Nov | Christian Science Monitor

Britain's internet history law: A new frontier of surveillance?

Timothy Edgar, senior fellow at Brown's Watson Institute, comments on the likelihood of American legislators adopting similar surveillance policies as the British Parliament, which has recently passed a controversial law that allows government officials to monitor the web surfing behaviors of Britons for suspected terrorists and cyber criminals.