Mon 10 Dec |

Fashola Blames FG for Controversy Over Achebe's Civil War Memoir

At the Achebe Colloquium at Brown this weekend, Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN), blamed the Federal Government for the controversies that have trailed Professor Chinua Achebe's new literary work, There Was a Country, stating that it failed in its crucial duty as a repository of information, data, records and archives, since historical records are indispensable tools for policy development.

Mon 10 Dec | The Providence Journal

Their goal: Alternative to war on drugs

Dozens of experts gathered at a conference Saturday sponsored by the Drug Policy Alliance and the Rhode Island Drug Policy Working Group. The one-day forum drew 300 policymakers, law-enforcement personnel and community advocates to Alumnae Hall at Brown University.

Mon 10 Dec | The Providence Journal

The psychology in the Petraeus morality play

 Lewis P. Lipsitt, professor emeritus of psychology, medical science and human development, pens an op-ed about the psychological phenomenon of doing something that one doesn’t “mean to” in light of recent scandal surrounding Gen. David Petraeus.

Mon 10 Dec | Yahoo! News

Want to Feel Better? Looking for Your Soul Mate? Just Follow Your Nose

An article on the emotions triggered by our sense of smell quote Rachel Herz, adjunct assistant professor of psychiatry and human behavior, on the connection between sexual attraction and smell. "For heterosexual women, smell turns out to be the number one physical factor, as well as the most important social factor, aside from pleasantness. And this isn’t about avoiding a man who smells ‘bad’," she said, “but rather about being especially attracted to a man who smells ‘good’. "

Mon 10 Dec | The Telegraph (U.K.)

The ugly truth about body dysmorphic disorder

Katharine Phillips, professor of psychiatry and human behavior, comments on society's possible role in the occurrence of body dismorphic disorder (BDD). "It’s possible that the rate of BDD is increasing as women get bombarded with media images of perfection. Lots of studies have shown that the more you see images of perfection around you, and the more you compare yourself with those images, the worse you tend to feel about yourself."

Sun 9 Dec | The Providence Journal

New legislators head for orientation

The 24 newly elected General Assembly members will get their first official taste of the State House on Tuesday, when they participate in an all-day orientation session, which will include a policy workshop and lunch on the Brown University campus. 

Sun 9 Dec | The Providence Journal

When the ’60s became the ’60s

James Patterson, professor emeritus of history, writes an op-ed about some of the significant events of the 1960s, which is also the subject of his new book "The Eve of Destruction: How 1965 Transformed America." 

Sun 9 Dec | The Providence Journal

Repercussions over pensions may define the candidates

Wendy Schiller, associate professor of political science, comments on Governor Chafee request to return to the bargaining table just as a legal battle over the state pension overhaul is getting under way. “It tells me that, for the first time in watching this governor, he has exhibited real political self-interested behavior,” Schiller says. 

Sun 9 Dec | The Providence Journal

Power down, move ahead

An article on energy efficiency programs around the state includes Brown's efforts to reduce its carbon footprint by 42 percent by 2020. Projects include everything from the Katherine Moran Coleman Aquatic Center, which has the largest hybrid - heat and power -  solar array in the country, to weather stripping and more efficient hot water systems in dorms.

Sat 8 Dec | The Providence Journal

Integrate mental and other health care

Gregory Fritz, professor of psychiatry and human behavior, and Wendy Plante, clinical assistant professor of psychiatry and human behavior, co-author an op-ed urging the intergration of medical- and behavioral-health care, which, they say, would give better treatment to children who have mental disorders. 

Sat 8 Dec | The Providence Journal

To rabbi, holiday dispels darkness

Among the Hanukkah events happening around the state, Rabbi Mendel Laufer and Peter Gromet, associate professor of geological sciences, will light a 9-foot menorah at Brown University’s Wriston Quad on Tuesday at 5:45 p.m.

Sat 8 Dec | The Providence Journal

High jobless rate for young people has alarming consequences

In his latest column, which focuses on employment, John Kostrzewa writes about a recent gathering of students from the Alpert Medical School, Rhode Island College and the University of Rhode Island in November. The medical, pharmacy, nursing and social work students worked on case studies that required them to rely on one another and ask for advice, according to a report in the Brown Herald.


Fri 7 Dec | The Jewish Voice & Herald

Brown RISD Hillel rabbi announces pending departure

Rabbi Mordechai Rackover will leave his position as rabbi at Brown RISD Hillel and associate university chaplain for the Jewish community at Brown University at the end of this academic year, according to a Nov. 30 press release from Brown RISD Hillel.

Fri 7 Dec | The Providence Journal

Brown student wins Elevator Pitch Contest

A Brown University mechanical engineering student is this year’s top winner of the annual statewide Elevator Pitch Contest for his backpack lock idea. David Emanuel, a Brown senior, pitched Lock’d, a device that allows people to attach backpacks to stationary objects such as bed frames or train seats.

Thu 6 Dec | The Providence Journal

Celebrating diversity in Rhode Island

The University of Rhode Island’s downtown Providence campus has installed about two dozen artworks designed to celebrate Rhode Island’s ethnic and artistic diversity. Titled “Our Global Community: A Mosaic of Diversity and Unity,” the exhibition includes photography by Brown alum Lucas Foglia. 

Thu 6 Dec |

Seniors’ Driving Worsens With Age

Researchers at the Rhode Island Hospital’s Alzheimer’s Disease and Memory Disorders Center, including several from Brown, went a step further to test older adults driving abilities, installing cameras in the personal vehicles of test subjects for two weeks, and then comparing their performance to the standardized test. 

Wed 5 Dec | Providence Business News

Five Questions With: Charlie Kroll

The CEO and founder of Andera Inc., a Providence-based Web development firm focusing on solutions for the financial services sector that just earned a spot on 

American Banker’s list of 10 Tech Companies to Watch

, talks about how the company has grown since its 2001 inception in a Brown University dorm room. 

Wed 5 Dec | The Boston Globe

Brown students decode Roger Williams’s shorthand

A team at Brown University has cracked a previously undeciphered shorthand used by Roger Williams, the religious thinker and founder of Rhode Island — a mystery that had stumped researchers for years. Senior Lucas Mason-Brown, who was on the team, talks about what the process was like. 

Wed 5 Dec | Daily Mail (U.K.)

Smoking DOES make your hangover worse

A team of scientists from Brown University found that a hangover may be worse if you also smoke while drinking. Lead author Damaris Rohsenow, professor of behavioral and social sciences, said, "At the same number of drinks, people who smoke more that day are more likely to have a hangover and have more intense hangovers." Rohsenow said it's likely that there is a direct effect of tobacco smoking on hangovers, although the exact mechanisms are unclear.

Wed 5 Dec | Time

Want to Cure a Hangover? Don’t Pick Up a Cigarette

Lighting up and drinking go hand in hand on a night of revelry, but smoking can make hangovers worse.

That’s what researchers from Brown University found after studying a group of college students who had varying reactions to drinking episodes. When students really indulged—consuming around five to six cans of beer in an hour—and also smoked during the same day, they were more likely to report nursing a hangover the following morning. The symptoms also worsened if they smoked that morning as well.


Wed 5 Dec |

Seeing Is Believing, Indeed

Although the importance of the hippocampus in encoding and storing memory in the brain cannot be overstated, the surrounding area—chiefly the parahippocampal cortex or PHC—provides a crucial component in receiving and transferring that visual and spatial data, according to a new study by Rebecca Burwell, professor of psychology and neuroscience.

Tue 4 Dec | The Providence Journal

Ray Lorenzo Heffner, former Brown president, dies

Ray Lorenzo Heffner, the 13th president of Brown University (1966–1969), died Nov. 28, 2012, at Lantern Park Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Coralville, Iowa. He was 87, according to a news release from Brown.  “President Heffner led this University with quiet grace during a tumultuous time in American higher education,” Brown President Christina Paxson said in the news release. “His tenure saw the development of many elements that define Brown as we know it today, including the signature Brown Curriculum.”

Tue 4 Dec | Inside Higher Ed

'Becoming Right'

A new book, Becoming Right: How Campuses Shape Young Conservatives, suggests that while conservative students face marginalization, their experiences differ greatly from campus to campus. Terrence George, president of the Republican Club of Brown University, says that conservative students at Brown feel comfortable expressing their beliefs. "Brown is certainly smaller than a big public university and conservative students here are given to more intellectual forms of expression than affirmative action bake sales,” he said, adding that his organization often hosts “right-leaning intellectuals and policy makers, not talking heads.”

Tue 4 Dec | The Providence Journal

Doubting Egypt’s revolution

Ian Straughn, visiting assistant professor of anthropology and Joukowsky Family Librarian for Middle East Studies, writes about what the recent protests in Egypt mean for the future of the country's revolution.