Fri 5 Jul | Smithsonian magazine

Amazing High Speed X-Ray Videos Reveal How Bats Take Flight

A group of biologists led by Nicolai Konow, investigator in ecology and evolutionary biology, decided to take a much closer look at how exactly bats manage to be the only mammals truly capable of sustained flight, taking ultrahigh-speed X-ray videos of fruit bats as the creatures lifted themselves off the ground. 

Thu 4 Jul | The New York Times

Ahead of Elections, India’s Cabinet Approves Food Security Program

Ashutosh Varshney, professor of political science, comments on the Indian Cabinet's recent approval of a sweeping executive order that establishes a legal right to food: “It is very consistent with the overall thrust of the government to become the welfare party of India,” Varshney said. 

Wed 3 Jul | BET

This Day in Black History: July 3, 1944

Ruth Simmons, the first Black president of an Ivy League institution, was born on July 3, 1944.  Simmons became the 18th president at Brown University in 2001. At Brown, she completed an initiative called Boldly Brown: The Campaign for Academic Enrichment. The $1.4 billion initiative was designed to boost the university’s academic programs.

Wed 3 Jul | The Providence Journal

Assembly approves 10-cent Sakonnet bridge toll, but unable to adjourn

The Providence Redevelopment Agency would have the power to construct new buildings under legislation headed to Governor Chafee after a final House vote Tuesday.  Approval comes as the city considers plans to build a parking garage near the vacant South Street Power Station known as the Dynamo House. In June, three colleges -- including Brown University --  announced plans to lease the Dynamo House.

Wed 3 Jul | American Medical News

Marked decline in Medicare patients who spend final days in hospital

Research shows that more people are seeking hospice, but physicians say patients often enter such programs too late to experience the palliative and social benefits. “Many of the hospice referrals are in the last three days of life,” said Joan M. Teno, professor of health services, policy and practice at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University.

Wed 3 Jul | American Medical News

Marked decline in Medicare patients who spend final days in hospital

Research shows that more people are seeking hospice, but physicians say patients often enter such programs too late to experience the palliative and social benefits. “Many of the hospice referrals are in the last three days of life,” said Joan M. Teno, professor of health services, policy and practice at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University.

Wed 3 Jul | ABC6

RI Assembly endorses Dynamo House project

Rhode Island lawmakers are giving their encouragement to a major redevelopment proposal by Brown University, Rhode Island College and the University of Rhode Island to share space in the Dynamo House, passing a resolution endorsing the project Wednesday, following a similar resolution in the Senate on Tuesday.

Tue 2 Jul | The Providence Journal

Teespring sprung from idea by former Brown students

The brainchild of Brown University students Walker Williams and Evan Stites-Clayton, Providence-based Teespring helps people raise money on the Internet by managing T-shirt sales. In so doing, the company is benefiting from the rising comfort people have with Web-based buying and donating.

Tue 2 Jul | The Boston Globe

What’s up at Boston-area art galleries

Cate McQuaid shares her thoughts on Kelli Rae Adams's show "Breaking Even," after visiting the Cohen Gallery at the Perry and Marty Granoff Center for the Creative Arts. "The three works there, in concert, have such visual magnetism it doesn't matter what they're about," McQuaid said about the gallery.

Mon 1 Jul | The Scientist

Transcriptomics for the Animal Kingdom

Casey Dunn, assistant professor of biology, comments on how the science of transcriptomics allows zoologists to affordably and efficiently analyze gene activity in organisms that don’t have sequenced genomes. In the past, researchers were limited to studying “about 20 out of 10 million species,” says Dunn. “Now we can learn about the properties of all kinds of organisms in a way we could not do before.”

Mon 1 Jul | The Providence Journal

New dean brings passion for work

A profile of new Medical School Dean Jack Elias describes his pulmonary fibrosis research and his vision for the role the Alpert Medical School will play in the state’s health-care system. “I’d like to see Brown become an engine for the local economy,” Elias says. “I’d like to see it spin off new companies. I’d like to see a biotech boom take place around Brown and intellectual property that Brown generates.”

Mon 1 Jul | Providence Business News

Brown adds new faculty to engineering school

As part of a project to develop and expand its school of engineering, Brown University will add six new faculty members to the school in the coming fall, Brown announced Monday. The School of Engineering’s faculty will total at 49 with the six new members, and the hiring is the beginning of a $160 million multiyear campaign to develop the school. 

Sun 30 Jun | USA Today

L.A. to NYC: Run honors victims of Boston Marathon blast

Ian Alden Russell, curator for the Bell Gallery, took part in the One Run for Boston this weekend, a coast-to-coast relay to raise money for those affected by the Boston Marathon bombing, running the relay baton from the 9/11 memorial in New York City to Central Park. 

Sat 29 Jun | Business Standard

Chair on Indian Studies in two more US Universities

Two more Chairs on Indian Studies will be set up in Brown and Pace Universities in the US with the support of Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR). Following the signing of a MoU with Rutgers University on Contemporary Indian Studies last week, the Consulate has been reaching out to many American Universities for setting up of  Chairs, Indian Consul General in New York Dnyaneshwar Mulay said. 

Sat 29 Jun | Providence Business News

Brown builds model public-private deal

A PBN editorial opens with "Any questions as to how much Brown University is contributing to the vitality of Providence and Rhode Island should be put to rest by the announcement last week of the $206 million plan to rehabilitate the South Street Power Station and develop a mixed-use building and parking facility adjacent to it."

Fri 28 Jun | Inside Higher Ed

Academic Minute: The Impulse to Do Nothing

In today’s Academic Minute, James Cavanagh, postdoctoral research associate in cognitive, linguistic, and psychological services, reveals how our brain and behavior can be influenced by our evolutionary past.

Fri 28 Jun | The Providence Journal

Brown appoints Elias as 7th dean of medicine

Brown University has appointed Dr. Jack A. Elias, chairman of the department of medicine at the Yale School of Medicine and physician in chief of Yale-New Haven Hospital, as the university’s seventh dean of medicine and biological sciences.

Fri 28 Jun | Practical Fishkeeping

What is this mysterious human-sized 'blob'?

A large translucent 'blob' discovered floating off the coast of Cuba has alarmed divers in the area. But it seems the mystery has been solved. Rebecca Helm, a PhD student at Brown University, who studies the evolutionary developmental biology of jellyfish, reported in Deep Sea News that they are the eggs of the diamond-shaped squid. 

Fri 28 Jun | The Wall Street Journal

What Makes Some Children More Resilient?

New research by Elisabeth Conradt, psychology intern, supports the theory that some children may be temperamentally more sensitive than others to the effects of the environment—both good and bad. Conradt and colleagues studied a group of "at-risk" babies for both temperment and evironment to see which children developed behavioral problems later on. 

Thu 27 Jun | Details

Press for Success: The Weirdest Way to Get Ahead at the Office Read More

Brandon Gaudiano, assistant professor of psychiatry and human behavior, comments on Emotional Freedom Techniques (ETC), which are used by some to cope with stress and pressure at work. Gaudiano describes the EFT research as unreliable and says that the best independent study of EFT burst the scientific bubble.

Thu 27 Jun | The Providence Journal

VA official visits Brown to view BrainGate system

Tommy Sowers, assistant secretary of the Veterans Administration, visited Brown University Thursday morning for an update on BrainGate, the experimental computer system that enables paralyzed people to control robotic arms with their thoughts.

Thu 27 Jun | Associated Press

3 schools would share redeveloped Dynamo House

Under a $200 million redevelopment plan announced Thursday, Dynamo House in Providence's Jewelry District would be redeveloped for shared use by Brown University, the University of Rhode Island and Rhode Island College, with about half of the building becoming home to a joint nursing education program for the latter two institutions. 

Wed 26 Jun | Bloomberg

Asians in Thriving Enclaves Keep Distance From Whites

Asians, the fastest-growing, highest-earning and best-educated race in the U.S., are almost as segregated from the nation’s white majority as they were two decades ago, according to a new study by Brown's US2010 project. The study also found that Asians generally live in neighborhoods that are comparable -- and in some ways “markedly better” -- than those of whites.

Wed 26 Jun | USA Today

Students call for climate change action

President Obama outlined his major climate change policies Tuesday, causing speculation among college environmental activists about the impact the plan could have on the fossil fuel industry and their universities. Brown student Marcel Bertsch-Gout said he would like to see the fossil-fuel special interest addressed in Congress, so it could rationally tackle climate change, but he does not think it’s likely.

Tue 25 Jun | Science 360

Designing Stable Tiny Fliers

In this video, Leif Ristroph of New York University and Bin Liu, postdoctoral research associate in engineering, analyzed the behavior of paper “bugs” of a variety of shapes (including cones, pyramids, umbrellas, and saucer-shaped UFOs) flying in a “flapping-flight wind tunnel” in the hopes of finding more stable designs.

Tue 25 Jun | The Providence Journal

Tap into R.I.’s beauty with smartphone tours

Among the fee guided cellphone tours that explore some of Rhode Island’s most important historical and natural wonders is “Mashapaug Neighbors — Stories from Beyond the Pond,” created by artist Holly Ewald and a group of oral-history students from Brown University.