Tue 7 May | The Providence Journal

Starting from scratch

A joint urban design class for advanced students at Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design that took place last fall explored uses for the former Route 195 land. The class was co-taught by Friedrich St. Florian, professor emeritus at RISD, Dietrich Neumann, Royce Family Professor for the History of Modern Architecture and Urban Studies at Brown, and Edward Mitchell, an assistant professor at the Yale School of Architecture. The students' work will be on display at RISD on Thursday. 
Tue 7 May | The Providence Phoenix

Merry pranksters

Greg Cook reviews "Freedom," the new exhibition by the Bruce High Quality Foundation currently on view at the Granoff Center for the Creative Arts. 
Tue 7 May | Associated Press

Brown appoints new vice president for research

An epidemiology professor in Brown University’s School of Public Health has been appointed the university’s vice president for research. The school said Tuesday that David Savitz will assume that role as of Sept. 1. He will succeed Clyde Briant, who is returning to the faculty in the School of Engineering.
Tue 7 May | RI NPR

Med School Enrollment Up 30% by 2017. Will It Help?

An article on new data from the Association of American Medical Colleges that shows med school enrollment is on track to reach a 30% increase by 2017, mentions that Rhode Island's own Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University is no exception, with record enrollment numbers.
Mon 6 May | RIFuture.org

Brown U Dems: unsung heroes of marriage equality

The student organization College Democrats of Brown University is praised for the "hundreds of hours" they put into the fight for marriage equality in Rhode Island. "The Brown College Democrats are not looking to take a victory lap, but they deserve it. They have worked so hard and told so few people about all their great work. Their humility is refreshing in politics," writes Alex Morash. 
Mon 6 May | The Providence Journal

Mayor Taveras' education adviser to join Annenberg Institute

Angela N. Romans, the senior education advisor to Providence Mayor Angel Taveras, will join the Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University. She will be a principal associate in the District Redesign & Leadership practice.
Mon 6 May | The Washington Post

Mind-controlled prostheses offer hope for disabled

After decades of testing on rats and monkeys, neuroprosthetics are finally beginning to show promise for people. At Brown University in 2004, quadriplegic Matt Nagle was one of the first people to receive implanted brain chips for an FDA-approved clinical trial. The article goes on to mention how that work led to BrainGate. 
Sun 5 May | WBIR (Tennessee)

Cash on hand for many exceeds 2012 race totals

Wendy Schiller, associate professor of political science, comments on how members of the Tennessee congressional delegation are strategically keeping large amounts of money in their campaign accounts as a way of scaring off potential challengers. Schiller says that the stronger a candidate looks to contributors, the more of an investment they may be considered to be. 
Sun 5 May | The Providence Journal

Brown professor part of national brain study

When President Obama announced the BRAIN Initiative on April 2, John P. Donoghue, director of the Brown Institute for Brain Science, was among the scientists assembled at the White House. Donoghue met with Journal medical writer Felice J. Freyer to talk about the purpose and potential of the BRAIN Initiative. Here are edited excerpts of his comments. 
Fri 3 May | Providence Business News

Brown graduate students organize Jane’s Walk

Graduate students in the public humanities program at Brown University are organizing a Jane’s Walk, a two-day festival of free walking tours led by locals, this weekend, May 4 and May 5. Walks are being held this weekend all over the city, including on the West Side, the Jewelry District, Smith Hill, and Elmwood.
Fri 3 May | California Public Radio

Redesigning the condom for both pleasure and usability

Sarah MacCarthy, a fellow in BioMed, appears as a guest to talk about a new challenge issued by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for any organization or aspirant engineer to design a next generation condom to make it more widely-used.
Fri 3 May | The New York Times

Revival of Europe’s Economy Falls to German Leader

Mark Blyth, professor of international political economy, comments on the balancing act that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has had to try in recent months, giving crisis-stricken states more time to narrow their budget deficits, while showing no outward signs of weakness that her political rivals can pounce upon. 
Thu 2 May | HealthLeaders Media

ED Cost of Care Greatly Underreported, Researcher Says

A widely accepted federal report which represents emergency department care costs as only 2% of the nation's total healthcare bill is seriously flawed, according to Michael Lee, assistant professor of emergency medicine. The true cost is in the range of 6.2% to 10%, he says. 
Thu 2 May | The Providence Journal

Chess master finds strength in 10-year absence

Brown chess team coach Jorge Sammour-Hasbun has returned to competition after a 10-year hiatus. The highest-rated player in Rhode Island and one of the highest-rated in the country, Sammour-Hasbun is one of only two dozen players invited to this year’s U.S. Chess Championship, May 3-13 in St. Louis. In February, Sammour-Hasbun led the Brown team to victory in the Inter-Ivy League Chess Tournament.
Thu 2 May | The Providence Journal

Brown University creates 20 scholarships for Providence students

Brown University announced today that proceeds from the Fund for the Education of the Children of Providence will be used for college scholarships for Providence high school graduates. Twenty one-time scholarships of $2,500 will be awarded for the 2013-14 academic year, with at least one scholarship awarded per Providence public high school. This story was also reported in Providence Business News. 
Thu 2 May | The New York Times

The Rope Wrangler, Ideas Unfurling

An article on artist and Brown alum Orly Genger's new rope sculpture, which will be on view in Madison Square Park through September 8. 
Wed 1 May | The Providence Phoenix

Slavery unchained

An article on the work of the Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice, which has hosted a series of public events this year aimed at continuing the conversation about the legacy of slavery at Brown and beyond. 
Tue 30 Apr | USA Today

The 25 healthiest colleges in the country

Brown ranks sixth on this list of the 25 colleges committed to creating the best environment for leading a fit, healthy, and happy life. Brown was praised for having accessible sexual health resources and healthy food options. 
Tue 30 Apr | RI NPR

Rhode Island Public Radio Same-Sex Marriage Special

Wendy Schiller, associate professor of political science, joins Scott McKay and Ian Donnis to provide a national perspective to the same-sex marriage debate, for part two of this three-part same-sex marriage series. 
Tue 30 Apr | Providence Business News

Report: ER costs in U.S. ‘as high as 10%’ of total health spending

The real national costs of emergency department visits may be as high as 10 percent of national health care expenditures, according to a report released by Michael H. Lee, assistant professor of mergency medicine. Lee's review suggested that emergency visits occurred with much higher frequency than previously reported, debunking minimal cost folklore endorsed by the federal medical researchers that peg emergency care at just 2 percent of the national healthcare expenditure.
Mon 29 Apr | The Providence Journal

Bakery’s ‘open hiring’ aims to build ‘social enterprise’

 430 people from around the country registered for this weekend's two-day Social Enterprise Ecosystems for Economic Development (SEEED) Summit, co-organized by the local Social Enterprise Greenhouse and SEEED@brown, a student group. Speakers spoke about their work in "social enterprise," simply defined as businesses with a mission to improve a community.
Mon 29 Apr | ABC News

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's Medical Care Is Covered at Federal Facility

Bradley W. Brockmann, executive director of the Center for Prisoner Health and Human Rights at Brown University, comments on how Boston bombing suspect Dzhohkar Tsarnaev's medical care will be paid for: "The transformative moment is when he's transferred into custody of the federal government...At that point, they would be responsible for the hospital bill payments."
Mon 29 Apr | Providence Business News

Student data key to campus planning

Russell Carey, executive vice president for planning and policy, talks about the University's use of data collection involving faculty, staff and students in the campus planning process. “In the campus planning process, we gather a tremendous amount of information from students, faculty and staff, and how they work together, make use of curriculum, and [what they] would like to see improved in the physical campus," Carey said. 
Sun 28 Apr | The Providence Journal

Microbes a big help for good health

Amanda Pressman, assistant professor of medicine, comments on the health benefits of microbes, while cautioning against the overuse of probiotics.  “I think probiotic supplements should be saved more for resetting the systems of people having symptoms such as diarrhea, or after an infection,” Pressman said.