Fri 24 Mar | National Geographic

How fake news tricks your brain

Steve Sloman, professor of cognitive science, comments on the psychology that makes people susceptible to believing 'fake news." Sloman recently authored a paper with Brown undergraduate Nathaniel Rabb that tested the community of knowledge hypothesis.
Fri 24 Mar | The Washington Post

‘They’re afraid to come': University leaders worry about Trump policies

Officials from prestigious universities expressed concern about President Trump's tightening of immigration policies and its longterm impact after some have seen a significant drop in international applicants. “I totally agree that we need to vet people, we need to be careful. It makes sense to take a close look at people applying to come to the U.S.,” said Terrie Fox Wetle, dean of public health at Brown University. “But when you begin to send a message that you don’t welcome good people … it has a chilling effect.”
Thu 23 Mar | The Providence Journal

Joanna Brown: My R.I. patients rely on Obamacare

The solution to health care in America is not to repeal, radically revise or make cuts to the Affordable Care Act, according to Dr. Joanna Brown, clinical assistant professor at the Alpert Medical School. Brown describes how her patients have benefited from Obamacare and what might happen when people lose their health insurance.
Thu 23 Mar | San Diego Union-Tribune

Is today's political engagement a fad or the new reality?

Scott Warren, a fellow of public policy at Brown University, wrote about the recent waves of political engagement across the U.S. and whether it could be sustained just as Los Angeles' local elections experienced the lowest voter turnout in history.
Wed 22 Mar | Inside Higher Ed

Speech rate

Brown researcher Uriel Cohen Priva discusses whether fast and slow talkers convey information at the same rate in Inside Higher Ed's Academic Minute.
Tue 21 Mar | The Providence Journal

Former British PM: Old values will rise again

A renewed emphasis on the time-honored American and British values of acceptance, freedom and the rule of law, not a retreat into nationalism and isolation, are the best way forward for a troubled world and its nations, former British Prime Minister David Cameron told a crowd of some 2,400 Monday at Brown University.
Tue 21 Mar | Daily Galaxy

Mars, the Ringed Planet?

James Head, professor of geological sciences, comments on the characteristics of Phobos, one of Mars' moons, in a feature about the Red Planet's distant past.
Tue 21 Mar | The New York Times

Gorsuch, abortion and the concept of personhood

As confirmation hearings for Judge Neil Gorsuch proceed into its third day, Brown political scientist Corey Brettschneider wrote an op-ed about Gorsuch's academic views on laws and political philosophy.
Tue 21 Mar | Latino USA

(Opinion) Immigration reform 2.0

In op-ed about the dichotomy between 'good' and 'bad' immigrants, Kevin Escudero, a postdoctoral fellow in American Studies, described the current immigration framework playing out across the U.S. and the need to recognize the commonalities among the various undocumented immigrant experiences.
Mon 20 Mar | The Hill

Breaking families apart: The moral and economic costs to the US

Jessaca Leinaweaver, who directs the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, wrote about the problems she sees with the U.S. immigration enforcement's new strategy to deter immigration. "It costs a lot less to let an undocumented taxpayer raise her own child, than it does to separate mother from child and devote additional tax dollars to an imperfect foster care solution," Leinaweaver said in regards to a hardline approach on immigration.
Thu 16 Mar | The Indian Express

A PM like Indira Gandhi

Ashutosh Varshney, director of Brown University's Center for the Study of Contemporary South Asia, wrote a column that reflects on India's 2014 state parliamentary elections and gives an analysis of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's governing style.
Wed 15 Mar | GoodCall

Professors who invent attract engineering students

Lawrence Larson, founding dean of engineering at Brown University, commented on a variety of topics that primarily focuses on attracting students to scientific careers. Larson touches on the satisfaction students might get from successful inventions, the loss of talent in the technology field and the different paths students can take.
Wed 15 Mar | Diverse Issues in Higher Education

Plenty of work remains in effort to close higher ed gender pay gap

John Friedman, associate professor of economics, comments on the gender wage gap in some of the most lucrative occupations. “Most colleges — non-selective four year schools, and even most selective four-year schools — aren’t putting too many people into the Goldman Sachs of the world,” Friedman said.