Eric Rosen: Computer science for everyone

From local high school classrooms to the Brown Robotics Lab, graduating senior Eric Rosen has spent his undergraduate years focused on applying computer science to real life.

Mursal Gardezi: The real deal

Together with other researchers at Brown, graduating senior Mursal Gardezi has found a speedier way for surgeons to test for bacterial infections — potentially revolutionizing the way infections are treated.

Aidea Downie: Let’s be honest here

Inspired by a Brown class she took on the history of imprisonment and captivity, graduating senior Aidea Downie started and nurtured a prisoner teaching program on campus.

Tin Dang: In and out of the lab

Tin Dang, a graduating senior, dedicated much of his time at Brown to mentoring and advising other first-generation students.

Brown celebrates University of Puerto Rico students

After a year spent immersed in new academic opportunities at Brown, but far from family members battling the effects of Hurricane Maria, 33 visiting students will continue their studies at UPR and beyond.