Nobel Prize festivities to kick off with D.C. event

A week before heading to Sweden to receive the Nobel Prize, Brown physicist and 2016 Nobel Laureate Michael Kosterlitz will meet President Obama and participate in a discussion at the Swedish Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Brown senior, recent alumnus earn Marshall Scholarships

A senior concentrating in archaeology and a Class of 2016 graduate studying puppetry in Indonesia are among the 2017 recipients of the prestigious academic awards, which allow for post-graduate study in the United Kingdom.

Diet quality low but steadily improving among U.S. kids

An analysis of diet quality among more than 38,000 U.S. children shows that nutrition for the nation’s kids has been getting steadily better in recent years, but what they eat is still far from ideal and disparities persist by income, race and receipt of government food assistance.

In 'Walkout' march, students voice social concerns

Students engaged in a large march and rally on campus Nov. 16, one of several around the country, to express concern for students whom they see as marginalized after a divisive election season.