Over breakfast: Brown faculty, staff help launch the campaign

Several hundred members of the Brown community stopped by Sayles Hall Wednesday morning for a campaign breakfast with President Christina Paxson. The agenda: Information about the $3-billion <em>BrownTogether</em> campaign and a huge thank-you for keeping Brown on the move.
School of Engineering

Sangeeta Bhatia: The Keynote Address

Sangeeta Bhatia, University trustee and 1990 engineering graduate, delivered the keynote address Thursday, Oct. 22, 2016, at the groundbreaking ceremony for the new School of Engineering building.<br>&nbsp;

Regeneration faded as most four-legged vertebrates evolved

In a study of fossil amphibians, paleontologists at Brown University, the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, and SUNY–Oswego show that the capacity of modern salamanders to regenerate body parts is likely an ancient feature of four-legged vertebrates that most of them lost in evolution.

Treatment for post-stroke hemorrhage not effective

Clot-busting stroke treatments help, but sometimes they produce a serious complication: a hemorrhage. A new study finds that various attempts to treat that complication have not been working.

The life of a cadet: early mornings, extra classes

Up before the crack of dawn three times a week for off-campus physical training and faced with an extra class and midterm project, ROTC cadets put in considerable extra work as students at Brown and students of the Army.

Cadets represent ROTC renaissance at Brown

With renewed Air Force and Naval partnerships, a new office to support military-affiliated students, and a notable uptick in the number of students participating in the Army program, the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps is experiencing a renaissance at Brown.

It’s a launch! <em>BrownTogether</em>

<a href="">Shovel-ready</a>, <a href="">eyes forward</a>, <a href="">well-led</a>, <a href="">well-supported</a>, and ready for launch, Brown’s $3-billion <em>BrownTogether</em> campaign <a href="">went public in a big way</a> Friday night.

ICERM celebrates its next five years

For the last five years, Brown's Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics has pushed the frontiers of research in mathematics and computation. During the kickoff of Brown's comprehensive fundraising campaign, University leaders celebrated ICERM's next five years and a $17.5-million NSF grant renewal.

A strong start: <em>BrownTogether</em> has already raised $950 million

Work on <em>BrownTogether</em> began more than two years ago, as University leaders and alumni volunteers began to develop support for priorities of the campaign. On the eve of the campaign launch, the nucleus fund for <em>BrownTogether</em> stood at about $950 million.

Brown launches BrownTogether, a $3-billion comprehensive campaign

Brown University has launched the largest comprehensive campaign in its history. The $3-billion <em>BrownTogether campaign</em> will realize the University’s strategic vision of advancing knowledge to help the community, nation and world meet 21st-century challenges.

Brown names 12 campaign co-chairs

With a goal more than double the original goal of Brown’s most ambitious campaign to date, <em>BrownTogether</em> will have the leadership of 12 campaign co-chairs, drawn from the ranks of the Brown Corporation and prominent alumni.

Researchers transform slow emitters into fast light sources

Phosphors are efficient light emitters but they’re not optimal for high-speed communications because they turn on and off slowly. Researchers from Brown and Harvard have now found a way to modulate light from phosphor emitters orders of magnitude faster using phase-change materials, which could make phosphors useful in a range of new optoelectronic applications.

Some antibiotics work by stressing bacteria out (metabolically)

Learning how antibiotics actually work can help scientists and doctors use them more wisely — an urgent need at a time of mounting resistance. A new study found that three different antibiotics killed somewhat subtly by disrupting bacterial metabolism and causing a buildup of oxidative stress.