Ceremony honors anatomy donors and families

This year for the first time, Alpert Medical School invited family members of those who donated their bodies to medical education to join them in commemorating and reflecting on that generosity. At the ceremony Thursday, Aug. 14, 2014, medical students shared the gratitude, knowledge, and inspiration they felt.
The George Washington Letter

Paxson gives keynote for Washington letter at Touro

Brown President Christina Paxson delivered the keynote address at the annual reading of President George Washington’s <em>Letter to the Hebrew Congregations of Newport</em> on Sunday, Aug. 17, 2014, at 1 p.m. in Touro Synagogue.

Microchip reveals how tumor cells transition to invasion

A microscopic obstacle course of carefully spaced pillars enables researchers to observe cancer cells directly as they break away from a tumor mass and move more rapidly across the microchip. The device could be useful for testing cancer drugs and further research on the mechanics of metastasis.

Bats bolster brain hypothesis, maybe technology, too

Decades of research on how bats use echolocation to keep a focus on their targets not only lends support to a long debated neuroscience hypothesis about vision but also could lead to smarter sonar and radar technologies.
At the Bell Gallery

Audible Spaces: Tristan Perich, Zarouhie Abdalian, and [The User]

The David Winton Bell Gallery presents <em>Audible Spaces: Tristan Perich, Zarouhie Abdalian, and [The User]</em>, an exhibition of contemporary sound art, on view at the Bell Gallery Saturday, Aug. 30, to Sunday, Oct. 12, 2014, and at the Cohen Gallery in the Perry and Marty Granoff Center for Creative Arts, Saturday, Aug. 23 to Sunday, Oct. 12.
Online for the Brown community

Enhancing language skills with Rosetta Stone

Members of the campus community who have University computing accounts — and Brown alumni with computer accounts through Alumni Relations — now have free online access to Rosetta Stone instruction in 30 languages.

Dorothy Lee Hamer Denniston

Dorothy Denniston, associate professor emerita of English and Africana studies and a Brown Ph.D. graduate, died Saturday, August 2, 2014.

Transgender relationships undermined by stigma

A study that looked at the effect of stressors such as poverty, discrimination, and the stigma of transgender relationships found that they weigh heavily on transgender women and their male partners. Stigma can even undermine the relationship itself. The findings have implications not only for mental health but also for the spread of HIV, the researchers said.

Copper foam turns CO<sub>2</sub> into useful chemicals

Scientists at Brown University’s Center for Capture and Conversion of CO<sub>2</sub> have discovered that copper foam could provide a new way of converting excess CO<sub>2</sub> into useful industrial chemicals, including formic acid.

Elusive viral ‘machine’ architecture finally rendered

Biologists have worked with the lambda virus as a model system for more than 50 years but they’ve never had an overarching picture of the molecular machines that allow it to insert or remove DNA from the cells that it infects. Now they can, thanks to an advance that highlights the intriguingly intricate way the virus accomplishes its genetic manipulations.

China’s GDP growth has steep coastal costs

Economic reforms declared in 1978 led to a surge of growth in China, but resulting increases in human impact activities are seriously degrading the nation’s coastal ecosystems, according to a newly published analysis of economic and environmental data. Some activities may have reached a turning point, but others will need policy changes, the authors project.

Photo editing algorithm changes weather, seasons automatically

A computer algorithm being developed by Brown University researchers enables users to instantly change the weather, time of day, season, or other features in outdoor photos with simple text commands. Machine learning and a clever database make it possible. A paper describing the work will be presented at SIGGRAPH 2014.

Brown holds annual Summer Research Symposium

Students who did summer research are presenting their work at the Brown Summer Research Symposium, which takes place August 7 and 8 in Sayles Hall. Most projects were supported by Brown’s Karen T. Romer Undergraduate Teaching and Research Awards (UTRAs).

Neurosurgeon wins Parkinson's research award

Neurosurgery Assistant Professor Dr. Wael Asaad has won a $486,000 award from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation to study the neuroscience of Parkinson's Disease.