Universities renew call to support research funding

On July 31, 2013, more than 160 university leaders including Brown University president Christina Paxson called for Congress and the President to support federal research funding. Today, one year later, they renewed that call.

<div>Children’s book explores <em>Really Big Numbers</em></div>

<div>A new children’s book written and illustrated by Brown mathematics professor Richard Schwartz takes readers on a visual journey through the infinite number system. Schwartz hopes <em>Really Big Numbers</em> will help inspire a love of math in young readers.</div>

A memorial service for Stephen Rodrigues

The family of Stephen Rodrigues, a Brown student who passed away last week, is holding a Celebration of Life service in his honor on Thursday, July 31.

Camp stokes girls’ math interest

<div>From Thomas Jefferson’s own cipher to the algorithms that enable digital image editing, math offers an almost limitless menu of experience. Thirty-one 10th- and 11th-grade girls plunged in at <a href="http://icerm.brown.edu/html/programs/summer/mathcamp2014/">GirlsGetMath&#64;ICERM</a> camp this month.</div>

Choice bias: A quirky byproduct of learning from reward

<div>Many people value rewards they choose themselves more than rewards they merely receive, even when the rewards are actually equivalent. A new study in <em>Neuron</em> provides evidence that this long-observed quirk of behavior is a byproduct of how the brain reinforces learning from reward.</div>

New grants for collaborative research

At a meeting held on the Brown campus Monday, July 21, 2014, the Rhode Island Science and Technology Advisory Council (STAC) announced six grants for local researchers totaling $445,092. Three of the six involved collaborative research between Brown and the University of Rhode Island.
Questions for Dr. Eli Adashi

Time to end ban on gay blood donors

Sexually active gay men face a lifetime ban on blood donation in the United States. In a newly published commentary, Dr. Eli Y. Adashi argues it is time for the United States to replace the outdated and discriminatory ban with a modern, fair, and sensible approach.

Bacteria swim with bodies <em>and</em> flagella

Using a new technique to track the swimming motion of a single bacterium, researchers have discovered that the movement of the bacterium’s body — not just thrust from the flagellum — allow movement through fluids. The finding could shed new light on the evolution of cell body shape.

Diagnostic criteria for Christianson syndrome

A new study provides the most definitive characterization of the autism-like intellectual disability disorder Christianson syndrome and provides the first diagnostic criteria to help doctors and families identify and understand the condition. Initial evidence suggests CS could affect tens of thousands of boys worldwide.
A University Statement

Brown to cooperate with Title IX investigation

Brown received notice today from the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights of their investigation of a Title IX complaint against Brown University. A University statement follows here.

Ortega attends Transatlantic Peru conference

Professor of Hispanic Studies Julio Ortega is currently in Peru to attend the Transatlantic Peru conference, an event co-organized by the Transatlantic Project, a Brown academic initiative.

KieranTimberlake to design new engineering building

The architecture firm KieranTimberlake will design a new building for Brown's School of Engineering. The facility will provide new lab space for the School's expanding research efforts. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2015.

Brown physicists part of “second generation” dark matter experiments

LUX-ZEPLIN, a dark matter search experiment co-founded by Brown physicist Rick Gaitskell, is among the "next generation" of dark matter searches endorsed by DOE and NSF. The new detector will build on the work done by the LUX experiment, which is currently operating deep underground in South Dakota. Construction on the supersized detector is scheduled to begin in 2016.

Annenberg initiative awarded $50K

The Annenberg Institute for School Reform has been awarded a $50,000 grant to support the Urban Philanthropists Network a new initiative that brings together organizations working to prepare disadvantaged students for college.