Statistical physics

<p>A new technique to simulate climate change</p>

<p>Statistical physics offers an approach to studying climate change that could dramatically reduce the time and brute-force computing that current simulation techniques require. The new approach focuses on fundamental forces that drive climate rather than on “following every little swirl” of water or air. And yes, <a href="">there’s an app</a> for that.</p>
Energy-momentum spectroscopy

<p>New technique could improve optical devices</p>

<p>Understanding the source and orientation of light in light-emitting thin films — now possible with energy-momentum spectroscopy — could lead to better LEDs, solar cells, and other devices that use layered nanomaterials.</p>

<p>Selfish gene may undermine genome police</p>

<p>Biologists have been observing the “selfish” genetic entity segregation distorter (SD) in fruit flies for decades. Its story is a thriller among molecules, in which the SD gene destroys maturing sperm that have a rival chromosome. A new study reveals a tactic that gives SD’s villainy an extra edge.</p>
Brown University Library

<p>Lectures celebrate Ma Digital Scholarship Lab</p>

<p>Brown faculty and visiting scholars from across the academic disciplines will offer a series of public lectures this spring, hosted by the Brown University Library in celebration of the new Patrick Ma Digital Scholarship Lab.</p>
Through March 17

<p>Student show opens at Bell Gallery</p>

<p>Brown University’s 33rd annual <em>Student Exhibition, </em>showcasing the work of 32 young artists, is on view at the Bell Gallery&nbsp; through Sunday, March 17.</p>