Brown Team Finds Widespread Glacial Meltwater Valleys on Mars

A research team led by Brown University has documented dozens of channels carved by melted water from glaciers located in the midlatitude region of Mars. The glaciofluvial valleys were carved in Mars’ most recent epoch, the team reports, supporting the idea that the Red Planet was home to diverse watery environments in its recent past. Results are published in <em>Icarus.</em>

Carbon Dioxide Is the Missing Link to Past Global Climate Changes

Carbon dioxide is the missing ingredient in explaining the advent of Ice Ages in the Northern Hemisphere and why those cold epochs have caused changes in the tropics for the past 2.7 million years. In a paper in <em>Science,</em> Brown University geologist Timothy Herbert and others analyzed ocean sediment cores and found a definitive link between the Ice Ages and ocean surface temperatures in the tropics. They believe carbon dioxide explains the link.
Through July 11

Bell Gallery presents <em>VoiceOver: Jon Laustsen, Amy Podmore, Charles Jones </em>

The David Winton Bell Gallery of Brown University presents the work of three area artists: Jon Laustsen (Pawtucket, R.I.), Amy Podmore (Williamstown, Mass.), and Charles Jones (Boston). <em>VoiceOver,</em> an exploration of the narrative tradition in sculpture, will continue through July 11, 2010. It is open to the public without charge.

Study: Mining Is a Major Driver of Sub-Saharan Africa’s TB Epidemic

A study by Mark Lurie of Brown University and an international team of researchers has developed the first statistical evidence linking mining to high rates of tuberculosis in sub-Saharan Africa. The exponential rise in TB in the region had been attributed to higher rates of HIV, but this paper finds a more direct link between work in the mines and incidence of TB.

Louis B. Rice, M.D., Named Chair of Medicine at Alpert Medical School

Louis Rice, M.D., a specialist in infectious disease, has been appointed chair of the Department of Medicine at The Warren Alpert Medical School and chief of medicine at Rhode Island and The Miriam hospitals. Rice’s research includes developing antibiotic usage strategies to minimize resistance.