Waiving Medicare’s three-day rule lessens hospital stay

A new study – the first on the topic in a long while – finds that when Medicare Advantage plans have waived a rule requiring a minimum of three days in the hospital before skilled nursing care can be covered, the effect was less time in the hospital, which can save money and reduce potential hospital complications for patients. Potentially negative implications were not in evidence.

Brown to help Ghana build HIV, TB research capacity

With $1.45 million over five years from the Fogarty International Center of the National Institutes of Health, a pair of Brown University professors will work with colleagues in Ghana to build the research capacity needed to address the deadly co-epidemics of HIV and tuberculosis.
Brown Summer High School

Teachers and students:
Everybody learns

Brown University’s SummerPrep program and 47th Summer High School drew nearly 325 local students to July sessions designed to brush up and expand knowledge in an enjoyable way. Their teachers are also learning ...

How the brain plans a gripping motion

A new study significantly advances neuroscientists’ understanding of how a region of the brain formulates plans for the hand to grip an object. The findings could lead to direct application to improving brain-computer interface control over robotic arms and hands.

Researchers predict material with record-setting melting point

Using advanced computers and a computational technique to simulate physical processes at the atomic level, researchers at Brown University have predicted that a material made from hafnium, nitrogen, and carbon would have the highest known melting point, about two-thirds the temperature at the surface of the sun.

NIH funds study of early life chemical exposures

With more than $1.5 million from the National Institutes of Health over the next four years, Brown University epidemiologist Joseph Braun will study how exposure to three common chemicals during pregnancy and childhood affects brain development and the thyroid.

1vyG reaches the White House

Rising senior Manuel Contreras was in Washington Thursday, taking part in a White House “Beating the Odds” panel with First Lady Michelle Obama, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and musical artist Wale. Contreras is a co-founder of 1vyG, an organization that supports first-generation college students.

Web app helps researchers explore cancer genetics

As gene sequencing has gotten faster and cheaper, clinicians and researchers are able to use genomic data to study, diagnose, and develop a course of treatment for a variety of individual cancers. MAGI, an open-source tool developed by Brown University researchers, lets users compare their data with enormous cancer genetics datasets.

The uneasy, unbreakable link of money, medicine

In the AMA Journal of Ethics, Dr. Eli Adashi writes that after centuries of concerns about the potentially compromising role of money in medicine, the debate remains irreconcilable and the link remains indivisible. Even the reforms of Obamacare, he writes, may not change much.
Media Advisory: 1vyG at the White House

Brown senior Manuel Contreras to speak at White House panel

Manuel Contreras, a senior at Brown University, will take part in a White House “Beating the Odds” panel with First Lady Michelle Obama, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and others on Thursday, July 23, at 11 a.m. Contreras is a leader of 1vyG, an organization that supports first-generation college students.
Birmingham, Ala.

Neighborhood revitalization motivated exercise

A community revitalization effort in a struggling neighborhood of Birmingham, Ala., succeeded in promoting healthy physical activity. A new study also documents the basis of that change in the hopes and concerns of the neighborhood’s residents.
Questions for Catherine Lutz

National education:
A report from the front lines

Education and education reform remain important national issues, but teacher voices are not always prominently involved. Catherine Lutz and Anne Lutz Fernandez traveled the country to sample teacher sentiments and insights for a new book, Schooled: Ordinary, Extraordinary Teaching in an Age of Change.

Hassett appointed next ICERM director

Brendan Hassett will become the next director of Brown University’s Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics (ICERM), one of eight institutes for mathematics across the country funded by the National Science Foundation. Hassett, formerly of Rice University, will begin serving as director in July 2016.

Graham named VP for academic finance and administration

Lindsay Graham, the chief administrative and financial officer for the Division of Biology and Medicine at Brown University, will join the provost’s office as vice president for academic finance and administration. He begins his new duties Aug. 1, 2015.