Brown families rendezvous on campus for Family Weekend

With families traveling to the University from across the globe, Brown President Christina Paxson urged them to embrace the distinctive Brown experience where students engage in the “daring adventure” of learning.
Questions and Answers

A broader view of celebrated urbanist Jane Jacobs

Brown researchers gather uncollected writings, speeches and interviews to create a more comprehensive portrait of the writer who changed how we think about cities.

Brown initiative to help bridge humanitarian, academic efforts

With the Humanitarian Innovation Initiative at the University’s Watson Institute, Dr. Adam Levine and colleagues hope to improve the effectiveness and accountability of disaster preparedness, humanitarian response and post-emergency reconstruction through scholarship.

Grant funds big-data study of brain connectivity

With more than $1.2 million over three years to study how complex brain networks process information, Brown has earned its second grant this fall from the federal BRAIN Initiative and shares significantly in a third.